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“10 boys in one” Annie Idibia praises the first daughter, Isabel

Nollywood entertainer Anne Macaulay Idibia likened her to a young man in her birthday address to her most memorable little girl, Isabella Idibia. Annie Idibia offered her lady some wise guidance as she joined him in the terminal.

The mother-of-two described her 13-year-old daughter as “ten young people in one”. Annie admitted that she often felt unworthy of him. He expressed his pride in her and urged her not to let the cruel world take away all the adoration within her.


“@officialisabelidibia2 is the light of my sun. A lot of times I don’t feel like I’m worthy of you – + I appreciate you calling me mom!!! It’s hard to let you go…but I can’t be a kid!!! Yours The dream is real. I’m so happy for you! A holy, sweet, humble, innocent, kind, decisive young woman!!! With so much love in your heart, you are 13 out of 30. My bunny feet are daytime.

I respect you. My absolute number one seed! ! The most loving, sacrificing, and delightful youth ever! ! Please don’t let the savage world rob you of all your love! ! ! ! Down to earth… humble… humble… but really sure! “Best Substitute” for “How Long Before?”

Interestingly, Annie Idibia didn’t cry over her most memorable natural product. Annie Idibia was in tears recently after her 13-year-old daughter praised her.

The mother of two was praised by her most memorable son as a devoted and devoted mother. While sharing various photos of the couple, Isabella described her mother as her clear motivation.

As the teenager said, his ultimate motivation came from his mother, who was also his dearest companion and the source of his name and lineage. He finds that his mother never told him that he can’t do whatever he wants or be whoever he needs to be.

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