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200,000 Chicks Culled For Bird Flu In Drenthe, Largest Culling To Date & More Latest News Here

Drenthe Region

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RTV Drenthe

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Avian influenza has been detected on a poultry farm in Nieuw-Weerdinge, Drenthe province. More than 200,000 broilers were culled on the farm to stop the spread of the virus. This appears to be by far the most significant culling in poultry farms.

This is most likely an infectious variant, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Dietary Quality instructs RTV Drenthe.

According to national authorities, there are no different poultry farms within 1km of the company. Six related companies are located within a three-kilometer radius.

NVWA will carefully monitor the companies’ animals over the next two weeks for potential avian influenza infections.

200,000 chickens culled for bird flu in Drenthe province, biggest cull to date
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200,000 chickens culled for bird flu in Drenthe province, biggest cull to date
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200,000 chickens culled for bird flu in Drenthe province, biggest cull to date
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