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“A Heat Pump Is The Best Investment To Get Rid Of Expensive Gas”: But Are There Cheaper Alternatives That Are Worth It?

Fears of the coming winter season are causing more and more people to consider (temporarily or in any other context) alternatives to heating with very expensive fuels. Among different issues, sales of heating pumps and stoves are increasing. However, from electric heaters to pellets or wood to electric blankets and infrared panels: is there a smart investment between the two, or not at all? Consultants Charlotte van de Water and Man Gommeren from the specialist consortium Agoria made recommendations.

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‘Heating pumps are the best way to get rid of expensive fuel’: But are there cheaper alternatives to price it? | My guide
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‘Heating pumps are the best way to get rid of expensive fuel’: But are there cheaper alternatives to price it? | My guide
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‘Heating pumps are the best way to get rid of expensive fuel’: But are there cheaper alternatives to price it? | My guide
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