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A Moreno Valley man is outraged after saying his $5,000 package was stolen and signed by someone else

Moreno Valley, CA (KABC) — A Moreno Valley man says his useful package was stolen after it was delivered by mistake and signed by another person.

In November, Chris Winchester said he bought two gold bracelets as Christmas gifts for his two sons, as well as gold and silver cash. But he said the package deal was not confirmed.

Winchester estimates the gadgets are worth $5,100.

“I’m not scared anymore,” he told witness information.

He said he checked UPS’s monitoring web page, which showed the package had been delivered. His neighbors told him the package wasn’t delivered to them, so he contacted UPS again.

UPS replied to Winchester, telling him that the person delivering the package transaction had verified the recipient’s identity and that the person who signed the package transaction had signed the package transaction with an “X”.

“Where do I go, the signature?” This is X. “And now my thoughts are just… actually?” Winchester said.

It was here that Winchester said he was caught. In an email, UPS informed him that they would not declare it to him, but to the sender—provided the sender fills out the required documents.

However, Winchester said the companies it bought had only provided complaints within three days of the time of supply.

Those days were over when Winchester realised the lack of a package deal.

“My subsequent contact may have been small claims,” ​​Winchester said.

He also said he had criticized the police.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working with shoppers through the claims process,” UPS said in a statement.

Winchester wants people to know that even asking for a signature doesn’t inherently protect you from package transaction theft.

“I’m pretty sure they knew who the supplier was, so they didn’t even say we’d ask him,” Winchester said.

“It’s a legal act. It’s a criminal offense,” he said. “Someone said I signed it, and it was $5,100.”

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A Moreno Valley man outraged after saying his $5,000 package was stolen and signed by another

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