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AARP poll reveals skepticism among older residents about direction Texas is taking

AUSTIN, Texas — In a current survey, the AARP found that more than half of those 50 and older they surveyed believe Texas is on the wrong path .

In response to the vote, 34% believe the state is moving in the right direction, while 60% disagree.

“Democrats and independents are skeptical of the state’s process, but 40 percent of Republicans also say Texas is under false surveillance,” the report said. “Among 65 people surveyed by AARP Nearly two-thirds (or 64%) of girls over the age of 28 said the state was on the wrong track.”

At the same time, the survey found that 59% believe the country cannot meet the needs of its aging residents. Twenty-eight percent said Texas was ready, while 13% were unsure. Respondents were told that by 2050, one in five Texans are expected to be 65 or older.

In response to the AARP, the ballots included 600 voters 50 and older. It was conducted Aug. 7-9 by Baselice & Associates Inc. with a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

AARP Texas director Tina Tran said she believes the findings underscore the need for Texas policymakers to organize Texas for older residents.

“For an older, taller Texas, there’s a dire need for movement,” Tran said. “Texas is rapidly evolving from a state with young residents to at least one state dominated by seniors. The sooner we adapt to demographic changes, the better.”

AARP said it intends to ask the Texas legislature to approve legal and financial proposals within the next 12 months that will sooner or later boost confidence.

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