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Abwerzger Wants Coalition Negotiations With The ÖVP – State Elections In Tyrol & More Breaking News

FPÖ CEO Markus Abwerzger has called for coalition negotiations with the ÖVP.

Following the elections in Tyrol, FPÖ chief Markus Abwerzger was called to the ÖVP and its senior candidate Anton Mattle for “concrete, crucial coalition negotiations”.

“I believe in that,” Abwerzger told APA on Monday. Together with the listed Fritz, the FPÖ was the only winner in the Tyrolean state elections. Alternatively, an achievable alliance between a personal social gathering and the SPÖ could be a “losers alliance”.

Abwerzger wants coalition talks with ÖVP after Tyrolean elections

The FPÖ’s senior candidate argues that such a constellation “has not been ordered by the electorate”. SPÖ head Georg Dornauer apparently “doesn’t even keep his word” and wants to get into the authorities, although the Social Democrats missed all electoral targets, similar to second place and reaching 20 % Also, the Tyrol SPÖ has really taken a step forward “Awkward” in the stands, although festivities within federal authorities are on the rise.

After Tyrolean elections, Martel again dominates alliance with FPÖ

ÖVP boss Martel has once again dominated a achievable coalition with a free society rally after the Tyrolean election, but the Blues should have been invited to exploratory talks. However, Abwerzger only hopes to do so “if concrete coalition negotiations can be brought about”. “I’m not for small talk,” the state celebration chairman made clear. Abwerzger continues to see important voices within the ÖVP in Tyrol who are willing to work with the FPÖ and appoint Secretary of State Florian Tursky and big names within the finance and farmers’ associations.

The FPÖ gained more than three scaling factors in Sunday’s Tyrolean elections and secured 18.84 percent or seven mandates (plus two). For the first time in history, Tyrol ranks second.

Extras for the elections in Tyrol

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