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Aditya Tiwari, in 15 year old, was killed for resisting sexual harassers

Aditya Tiwari, 15, was stabbed to death after talking to a group of boys who had been harassing female university students.

Teenager Aditya Tiwari was stabbed to death by a group of young men in shocking incident in Bihar.

The 15-year-old in the state’s Chhapra district has been stabbed multiple times after the group broke into his university and attacked him in front of horrified university students and academics.

He was allegedly attacked after confronting a lad who sexually molested a female college student.

According to mum Anita Devi’s grievances, three defendants allegedly gave lewd feedback on female college students’ college-going strategies.

The day before the stabbing, Aditya had witnessed one of each of his classmates being sexually harassed by the three men.

He came here like this group and blamed them for his or her actions.

The first suspect, Sahil and Aditya, finally entered the fray. Later, Sahir risked killing the teenager in front of his classmates.

Sahil posted a Facebook Story two hours before the Sept. 21, 2022 stabbing, expressing his intent to break the law.

After the inspection, Aditya left the classroom at 11 am.

Aditya is cornered by harassers Sahil, Taif and Ar​​shad and 4 different people who break into the school team.

Sahil stabbed Aditya several times in front of academics and university students before the seven attackers fled the scene.

Aditya was taken to hospital by workers who supported him. Still, he gave up on the way.

After the homicide, locals quickly took to the streets to quickly apprehend the suspect’s name.

Angry community residents also damaged varsity teams and threatened academics.

The hashtag #JusticeForAditya trended on Twitter as Aditya’s family and friends used social media to name justice.

Aditya’s bravery in defending a female classmate who has been sexually harassed by the suspect has been praised by many Twitter customers.

Others accused the police of inaction.

Apparently, Aditya’s older brother served in the Navy. Aditya Tiwari also wanted to join the navy.

Since no police motion has been taken, the individual is calling for the case to be referred to the CBI.

Lecturers at the academy are now reportedly absent to protest the brutal homicide and insecurity.

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