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After a price reduction, “Top Gun: Maverick” returns to #1 on the VOD charts

How to get Prime Gun: Maverick (Paramount/$4.99-$5.99) to be #1 again on all three VOD charts we adhere to? A huge low cost. Summer was loved for two consecutive first weeks during its initial launch ($19.99), but then shared with “The place the Crawdads Sing” (Sony/$19.99) and “The Beast” (regular/$19.99) via Highest point in mid-September.

Maverick is back at No. 1 on iTunes and Google Play, each ranked by site visitors, which isn’t shocking, but it’s certainly a rarer, lower-cost movie on Vudu by revenue Also ranked first. The location of the movie means it has 4 or more screenings for a movie priced at $19.99. more spectacular? All of this happens when the movie is playing on Paramount+.

Netflix is ​​currently working on two new movies, each from the streaming company’s heavyweight expertise. “Lou,” starring Allison Janney and co-produced by JJ Abrams (from his dangerous robot Shingles), is currently No. 1 on streaming and is currently tackling Taylor Perry’s problem and his “Jazz Blues” number 2.

A Jazzman’s Blues is Perry’s third Netflix film and the second he’s not starred in in a multi-film deal. It’s a departure from the 1930s Mississippi legal thriller that premiered in Toronto. Compared to “A Madea Homecoming” which premiered at #1, it started off #Four and slowly climbed. Also on streaming: Romain Gavras’ Athena, which premiered to critical acclaim not long ago in Venice, debuted on Netflix, generating higher growth for many potential customers. Unsurprisingly, the French drama set in the Parisian immigrant group, at least so far, has not found a huge audience in the family charts.

“The place the Crawdads Sing” held steady, at #2 on iTunes and Google Play, and #5 on Vudu (the second largest non-$19.99 monitor). “Nope” (regular, $19.99) added a buy option this week and was within the top three on all three charts (Vudu was second).

After Ever Blissful (Voltage/$19.99) is the main release of the week, with #Four on every Vudu and iTunes. Earlier this month, the fourth film in the romance series earned about $1 million at the Weekday Fathom event after hitting $17 million worldwide. An earlier entry, “After We Fell,” had a long VOD run over its final 12 months, which eventually garnered additional significant viewing on Netflix. Another new show this week is The Enforcer (Display Media/$6.99), starring Antonio Banderas, a gangster hitman who collides with his boss Kate Bosworth ( Kate Bosworth) fighting for a sex trafficking victim. It’s #9 on iTunes.

Jon Hamm "Admit it, Fletcher"

Jon Hamm Confess Fletch

Robert Clark

Frankly, Fletcher (Paramount / $19.99) has a second week on iTunes, which shows that between fairly limited ads and word of mouth, there’s a lot to like about this film by Jon Hamm. Curious about the franchise reboot starring, he also starred in The Maverick.

Along with Maverick and Crawdads, 4 common titles—Nope, Jurassic World: Dominion, The Black Telephone and Minions: The Rise of Gru ($19.99 except Telephone, now $5.99)—created all three leaderboards. Common continued to perform robustly in 13 of the 30 slots.

iTunes and Google Play rank movies daily based on various deals. These are the lists for September 26th. The listed distributor is the current rights holder. Fees for all titles apply to rent.


1. Prime Gun: Maverick (Mom or Dad) – $5.99

2. Where crayfish sing (Sony) – $5.99

3. No (regular) – $19.99

4. Always be happy (Voltage) – $19.99

5. Jurassic World: Reign (regular) – $5.99

6. Last alive to see (Vertical) – $0.99

7. Confess, Fletcher (Mom or Dad) – $19.99

8. Black Phone (regular) – $5.99

9. Executor (Display Media) – $6.99

10. Minions: The Rise of Gru (regular) – $19.99

google play

1. Prime Gun: Maverick (Mom or Dad) – $4.99

2. Where crayfish sing (Sony) – $5.99

3. No (regular) – $19.99

4. Jurassic World: Reign (regular) – $5.99

5. Minions: The Rise of Gru (regular) – $19.99

6. Every little thing in every place is direct (A24) – $4.99

7.X (A24) – $4.99

8. Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) – $19.99

9. DC Super Pet League (WBD) – $19.99

10. Black Phone (regular) – $5.99


Vudu ranks by revenue rather than transactions, which will increase premium VOD programming.This list covers September 19-25

1. Prime Gun: Maverick (Mom or Dad) – $4.99

2. No (regular) – $19.99

3. The Beast (regular) – $19.99

4. Always be happy (Voltage) – $19.99

5. Where the crayfish sing (Sony) – $5.99

6. Minions: The Rise of Gru (regular) – $19.99

7. DC Super Pet League (WBD) – $19.99

8. Regulation Rule the world (regular) – $5.99

9. Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) – $19.99

10. Black Phone (regular) – $5.99

Netflix movies

The most watched current ratings on Netflix’s daily chart for Monday, September 26. Original content includes all Netflix-produced and purchased titles originally released in the US. Netflix releases its personal weekly Prime 10 primarily based on the time it airs on Tuesdays.

1st Floor (unique to Netflix in 2022)

2. Blues for Jazz Players (unique to Netflix in 2022)

3. Father Situ (Released in 2022)

4. Revenge (unique to Netflix in 2022)

5. Minions with Extra 1 (Despicable Me short video category)

6. Me – Despicable Me 2 (Released in 2013)

7. Devices of the Underworld: The City of Bones (Released in 2013)

8. Sing 2 (Released in 2021)

9. Human capital (Streaming Release 2019)

10. That’s the tip (Released in 2013)

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Prime Gun: Maverick returns to #1 on VOD charts after discount

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