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Aftersun Trailer: Paul Mescal stars in the A24 film

Paul Mezcal leads another A24 drama heartbreakingly.

The Ordinary Breakout star will be screened in two A24-released films, God’s Creatures (now in theaters) and Aftersun. In the late 1990s, Mezcal vacations in Turkey with his 11-year-old daughter Sophie (Francisca Corio). More than 20 years later, Sophie (Celia Rosen Corridor) has an intense journey with her father.

Premiering at Cannes Critics Week 2022, Aftersun marks the film debut of author/director Charlotte Wells. Scottish filmmaker Wells wrote and directed three short films beforehand while studying for a master’s degree at New York College.

Oscar winner Barry Jenkins produced “Aftersun” with his manufacturing company Pastel, which he co-founded with Adele Romanski and Mark Ceryak. Amy Jackson of Unified Concept also contributed to the production. Jenkins described Aftersun’s production as “organizing these memories into a devastating movie that made me cry, although I’ve seen shit like that six times,” while in the 2022 Telluride Film Competition.

Lead actor Mezcal added: “There’s only one thing about the way Charlie is written because I feel like I don’t really realize ‘you’re not supposed to really enjoy daddy, you’re 26’. I thought, ‘It’s an incredible Character. I’m taking it for a walk in the weeds.’”

Mezcal mentioned that learning to “play a young man and a young dad at the same time” drew him to the film, but “I don’t know how good it is to go from a high school teen drama to being a young dad in it.” Two years. “

Aftersun is funded by BBC Movie, BFI and Inventive Scotland in partnership with Tango Leisure. Government producers are Eva Yates of BBC Films, who also helped develop the film, Lizzie Francke of BFI, Kieran Hannigan of Inventive Scotland, Tim Headington and Lia Buman of Tango.

IndieWire’s David Ehrlich wrote in his review of the film that “Aftersun” is a “chic” mural that “exists on the borderline between memory and creativity, and every audience should discover it for themselves.”

“Few films end the Impossible with a more engaging invitation, but Aftersun is memorable because it finds haunting brilliance in vain attempts,” Ehrlich wrote.

“Aftersun” starts on October 21st.

Try the trailer below.

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Aftersun Trailer: A24 Movie Starring Paul Mezcal

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