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Ajooni 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajveer questions Ajooni & Avinash’s relationship

Scene 1 Ajooni holds Avinash’s hand, which the rajveer sees, so she leaves his hand. Ajooni will get some details about Aman. He said she was treating the market cycle. Avi has since left. Ajooni asks Rajveer, how is Aman? Rajveer glared at her, saying you dare not, so don’t combine, and you should never leave her if you mind. Ajooni said I went to fill out the form. Rajveer says Aman is harmless, so I confide in you that no matter how you ask her to take care of her, she’s stuck in what you carry with you, no matter how you wish to hang out with your partner.

Ajooni said no. Rajveer said I confided to you about my mistakes. You use Aman to fulfill that doctor’s request. Ajooni said don’t say that. Rajveer asks why you didn’t tell me what the purpose of this doctor coming to our house in advance? I’m not an idiot. The doctor came and said we were working on it and he asked Rajveer to send some medicine. Rajveer tells Ajooni that Aman is in the current situation because of you. You don’t even trade from here until I get back ASAP, he’s gone from that time. Ajooni is mischievous and crying.


Bebe checked in again, excited for her heir. She asked Carter to identify Oman. Carter said Oman went to the clinic. The employee said she was amazed by the dynamism of the electricity, which is why they took her to the emergency room. Babe asked Carter how did this happen? Carter said Arjuni was behind it, and she went to the medical clinic with her. Babe asks her to identify Ravindra. She called him and asked if that place was Oman? You have been unable to take care of her? Ravindra said she was in a coma in her luggage, so now doctors are treating her. Bebe asked if it was Arjuni at the scene? Ravindra said the girl wasn’t enough. He closes the selection. Harvinder and Shikha hid in the emergency room. She told him not to take anyone’s identity. Harvind said you are cheap and we will deal with Oman as soon as possible.

Ravindra consists of Ajooni and asks how do you allow Aman to be alone? Ajooni said full victims may have entered the lift. Ravindra says you are incompetent, I forgive you, and, surprisingly, you are a red flag to us anyway. You left Oman when she wanted you, assuming something happened to Oman’s children, I didn’t get an extra of you. Ajooni wept to notice this. Scene 2 The cart tells Harman that I expect to totally hurt Ajooni no matter what, and Aman gains in the meantime. Harman said we’re targeting Ajooni anyway you’re an idiot.

Ravindra spoke to the medical experts and Avinash said I accept that someone did this on purpose with Aman. Ajooni was fine, and Rajveer basically saved Aman in time, the top physician said. Ajooni turned on the hoist before Aman could think of one thing. Ravindra apologized to Ajooni and said that you collectively saved her life, which is good. Everyone is watching.

Aman wakes up and Ajooni and Avinash come to her. Oman cried, so Arjuni asked what happened? Avi said she was never pregnant, form or type. Ajooni is surprised and asks what is the purpose of your lying? Aman said there was no other way for me, I couldn’t let my upper body marry someone else before, so I did. Avinash said we won’t cover up the issue any more. Aman said being a factor in another would enrich my life.

Bebe asked Matalani for his or her heir, she said don’t take this reward from us, if it’s not too much trouble, protect Oman. Avinash let Ravindra know we can’t avoid wasting babies. Ravindra yelled, how can you say that? Rajveer says you want to avoid wasting new kids. We can’t avoid wasting new kids because they may need to be saved first, Avinash said. Ravindra said this Ajooni was responsible for it. Avinash said she was hurt too, so don’t blame Ajooni. Rajvell appears.

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