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Alec Baldwin and others could face criminal charges for fatal shooting on set, district attorney says in his filing

A prosecutor’s dossier urges actor Alec Baldwin to face jail costs in October 2021 for his deadly photoshoot on set that killed a cameraman and injured the film’s director.

Santa Fe District legal professional Mary Carmack-Altwies filed a lawsuit to urgently request increased funding to continue investigating the capture accident. The filing indicated that the fee could be opposed to Baldwin and several others linked to the incident.

“Throughout the shooting [Rust], Alec Baldwin shot and killed Halina Hutchins and wounded Joel Sousa while rehearsing a scene. Many dealt with the weapons that ended up killing Hutchins and injuring Sosa,” Carmack-Arteves wrote.

She added that Santa Fe prosecutors have decided that some of the defendants in the film must be prosecuted “immediately.”

“I’m going to start making decisions about who might be criminally charged in this case,” she said.

Baldwin remained harmless and said the gun was fired accidentally. He also said in an emotional interview that he did not remove the detonator from the gun, which was supposed to be safety-checked according to trade requirements.

“The starting point wasn’t canceled. I didn’t pull down the set. I would never shoot someone and then attack them, ever,” Baldwin said in the December interview.

Baldwin’s Legal Professionals issued a bulletin on District Legal Professionals filings.

“Prosecutions have made it clear that they have not obtained the sheriff’s report and have not selected anyone, if any, who could be charged in this case,” Lukenikas said.

Carmack-Altwies argued in the filing that failure to provide further funding could adversely affect prosecutions in different circumstances nearby. She applied to the New Mexico IRS for $635,500 and was accepted for about half the price, or $317,000.

Baldwin was starring in the movie “Rust” when the fatal incident occurred. He’s the film’s writer and co-producer, which could mean he’s likely to be sued if the trade demands are properly enforced.

Here’s more about the latest growth:

Alec Baldwin could be sued for filming Rust


Alec Baldwin and others could face jail costs for fatal capture on set, district legal professional says in filing

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