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Alert! Poor Condition Of Teeth Can Cause Heart Problems And Aggravate Other Ailments

Poor oral health does not end with missing teeth or an attainable case of bad breath, but also triggers an infection process in multiple organs of the body, giving people with most cancers, covid-19 and different diseases, they warn . Experts from Minsa and Essalud.

“Poor oral hygiene can have an effect on different parts of the body. These days, there is talk that it could very well have the opposite outcome for people with Alzheimer’s.” Jorge, Dentist, National Cardiovascular Institute (Incor), EsSalud Jorge Linares Montoya says:to Andes Corporation.

While much science and analysis warns of these dangers, the insightful idea is that the pandemic has had a major impact on our well-being in every way, starting with the mouth.

“This issue is becoming more important now. The newly identified factor is that patients with periodontal disease (gum infection) have a seven-fold increased risk of developing covid-19 problems,” she warned.

coronary heart disease

The two most common oral diseases in the country are cavities, which have an immediate impact on teeth, and periodontal disease, which infects, inflames and damages the tissues that help teeth. It can also affect the gums, periodontal ligaments and even bones.

For Essalud specialists, the biggest disadvantage of oral diseases is that they are not considered a serious matter and are therefore managed on an outpatient basis with medication to relieve pain or with antibiotics that are not always prescribed by a physician.

Also, he mentioned that residents have a lot of ignorance about oral care. Many people with gingivitis (irritated gums) have minor bleeding and immediately associate it with very heavy brushing, so they stop brushing and find themselves making it worse.

These dangerous practices can have very harmful results. Whether it is periodontitis, the bleeding may be more, there may be dangerous breathing, movement of the teeth, forgetting that it is not just an infectious and inflammatory disease, but also destroys the tissues that help the teeth.

“When an infection occurs, whether due to caries, dental abscess or infection, there is an excessive risk of bacteremia, which occurs when microbial colonies enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body and can colonize coronary heart tissue, causing Endocarditis, which is irritation to the center, preventing it from working properly,” defines Incor dentists.

arthritis and most cancers

Ilto Sandoval, National Director of Oral Health at the Ministry of Health (Minsa), defines unattended dental problems also complicating most cancers and different pathologies.

He mentioned that oral infections are a dangerous problem for everyone, regardless of their age. They become more harmful to people with weak defenses (eg, most cancer patients, HIV patients, transplant patients, etc.).

“Individuals who should be treated for rheumatoid arthritis should get dental work. Likewise, people with most cancers should have their entire oral and maxillofacial system assessed, including teeth, tongue, cheeks, palate, frenulum.

systemic caries

People familiar with the health ministry said oral disease was the second explanation for outpatient morbidity across the country.

“This is a very worrying thing. In response to the latest inspection carried out by the Ministry of Welfare, the prevalence of dental caries affects 86.6% of residents. This means that nine out of ten young people suffer from this oral disease. This is a completely preventable public health problem.


Tooth decay doesn’t happen in a day, he mentioned. It advances very little until a gap is left inside the tooth. Then it reaches the pulp, where the nerves are, where the pain seems. In many cases, this can lead to facial swelling, harmful abscesses or foci of infection.

“The main explanation for tooth decay is poor hygiene. As soon as we eat, food remains in our mouths and there is a wide variety of microorganisms in our mouths. These residues are part of microbial and bacterial plaque that can be removed directly with a simple brush. In any other case, these microbes feed on the dietary particles and start to inflame the gum.

When this happens, the gum increases in large numbers and bleeds. At first, this plaque is soft, but then it solidifies and turns into tartar, causing higher damage to the tissues that help the flakes.

Correct way to stop?

Good oral hygiene is one strategy for preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease. This has to be fixed, preferably after each meal.

“Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes is recommended. There are two strategies. The Bath method and the Stillman method. Just rubbing the teeth for a few seconds is not enough. The important thing is to do it from top to bottom, in a circular fashion, from gum to underside , brush your teeth strictly to remove food residues without damaging your gums.


The National Oral Health Director said that the use of dental floss, in addition to washing the tongue, should not be missed. Some people wake up with a whitish tongue, which is a sign of some foods fermented. This can create bad breath or dangerous breathing, which a person feels when speaking.

“It’s important to stay away from alcohol-based mouthwashes and find toothpastes for each condition. There are some that help reduce bleeding in the mouth or tooth sensitivity. Toothpastes are divided by age and the amount of fluoride they contain”.

For the knowledgeable Minsa, dental care should begin within the first few years of life.

“In the last week, the Lima Metropolitan launched the pilot program “Bicentennial Youth Free from Tooth Cavities” to encourage prevention traditions among parents, lecturers, and to educate us that we should be aware of any warning signs in our mouths, such as burning tongue, toothache , dangerous breathing, etc.”

He forces you not to wait for a toothache to go to the dentist. The best way to do this is to seek advice at least a few times a year to catch any downsides early.

“People with diabetes, because they have a range of altered compositions, have a higher susceptibility to teeth with poor condition, and free teeth, should be very cautious about having dental check-ups,” he said.

In addition to brushing his teeth properly, he helps maintain a healthy diet, avoids smoking and sugary drinks, and manages underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and diabetes.

Every expert agrees that when it comes to good oral health, we should first keep all our teeth and gums healthy, then care about their operation and ultimately their aesthetics.

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