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Alert Reappearance Of Atypical Furunculosis In Atlantic Salmon In Freshwater Farms & More Latest News Here

Throughout 2021 and 2022, an increase in medical events due to atypical Aeromonas salmonicida was found in Atlantic salmon (S. salar) farmed in freshwater, farmed on open and recirculating fish farms, affecting All stages of the event (fry to small fish).

Dr. Marcos Godoy, Director of the Center for Organic Utilization Analysis (CIBA), has classified atypical boils in the freshwater crop Mid-Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) on some farms in the southern United States.

In response to Dr. Godoy, the main overt medical signal was an increase in mortality, and later a decrease in food cravings and sluggishness in the fish could be observed.

“Many of the most common medical indicators reported in freshwater-infected fish include periocular hemorrhage, anal hemorrhage, internal fin hemorrhage, fin base hyperemia, and variable pores and skin lesions primarily characterized by scaling and depigmentation. , May develop into ulcers. Contains peripyloric fat, liver, perirenal hemorrhages and spotting in swim bladder”, described the knowledgeable person.

Responding to the director of Ciba, this bacterium is localized in several organs (pores and skin, gills, kidneys, spleen, liver, pyloric cecum, coronary heart, etc.), producing local necrosis with little inflammatory response. Inside the organ, numerous bacterial colonies can be observed.


While Dr Godoy stressed that the instances were on time, he mentioned that it was worrying that it was a disease that was still prevalent.

Recorded examples relate to co-infection with viral pathogens, such as infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV), fish orthoreovirus (PRV) and fungal infections belonging to the genus Saprolegnia.

“Surveillance agencies are critical for timely detection of infection. Prognosis relies on complementary medical history, autopsy findings and the use of molecular biology methods, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). related to sex research,” the technician elaborated.

It is worth mentioning that for the prevention and management of atypical boils in Atlantic salmon, it is necessary to identify risk components, reduce stress and set vaccination methods in the early stages of freshwater aquaculture, which are all weather conditions that can reduce the impact of the disease. Disease.

carrier location

Ciba’s director defined subclinical infection as common and as a mechanism by which infection persists.

“Fish with subclinical infections can epidemiologically act as carriers of the infection, capable of triggering medical symptoms associated with stressful events. A relevant aspect of disease epidemiology is that service fish can deploy sufficient numbers of microbes to spread horizontally. Infect”. Godoy feedback.

In this approach, aquaculture events highlight the importance of disease in farmed species, the doctor noted, noting that there is current evidence that disease can significantly limit production potential, and that, in many cases, it is associated with fundamental financial and social penalties.

Atypical boils in Chile

Atypical furuncle, a systemic bacterial infection attributable to the atypical Aeromonas salmonicida, has been described in various farmed species and is widely distributed worldwide. In Chile, where infection was first reported in 1995, on a farm in the middle of the estuary near the town of Puerto Montt, Zone X was affected by Atlantic salmon (S. salar) weighing up to 900 g, describing the same reinfection. batch next year.

In October 1998, the disease was rediscovered in Region X, and three new cases were registered in December of the same year. By March 1999, the infection had spread to all farms within the space (Bravo, 2000).

Although only reported in 2010 (Godoy et al. 2010), recent medical incidents in waters are not uncommon. Then, in 2000, mass vaccination of small salmon gradually began with vaccines containing A. salmonicida antigens, with significant discounts observed in some cases (Bravo, 2007).

Infectious Diseases (Field 2)

An overview of infectious diseases is because microorganisms, or their toxic commodities, emerge as agents following the spread of infectious agents (or their toxic commodities) from animals or reservoirs, either immediately or through intermediaries, to vulnerable hosts. (animal – vector – or inanimate atmosphere).

Despite the implementation of enhancements to disease prevention and management packages including vaccination packages, hygiene improvements, management optimization, infectious diseases remain one of the many underlying causes of mobility and mortality.

Alternatively, rising infectious diseases are those that appear to be emerging for the first time, or have existed before, increasing their morbidity, virulence, resistance, or geographic distribution.

The appearance of an entirely new infectious disease is the result of interactions between components such as microbes, hosts and the atmosphere. One of the many examples currently affecting salmon farming is the increase in cases of boils in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), although its impact is limited.

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