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American Idol winner Iam Tongi loves ‘fake’ accusations

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American Idol champ Iam Tongi likes ‘false’ allegations

“American Idol” winner Iam Tongi said he liked the “drama” surrounding allegations of “falsification” of his 21st season win.

“Lots of people like it”[Runner-up] Colin Stough got robbed or something.I just love it,” he said The Daily Mail says in an interview published Thursday.

The 18-year-old singer went on to say that his late father, Rodney Tongi, who passed away in 2021, prepared him for any public scrutiny as his music took off.

“My dad always told me that your music isn’t for everyone. There are going to be people who don’t like it, and that’s okay, that’s normal,” he explained.

“Everyone has an opinion. Everyone can think what they want. So it’s okay.

I am Tong
‘American Idol’ Winner Iam Tongi Refutes ‘False’ Allegations
Megan Danielle, Im Towne, Colin Stowe
“Lots of people like it””[Runner-up] Colin Stough got robbed or something. I just love it,” he told the Daily Mail.

Iam said he often treats people who hate him with kindness as a coping mechanism.

“I just love it” [the comments]no matter what they say cause you know [I gotta] Let these things happen,” he said.

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“I’m guilty of liking it. But look [my] Music isn’t for everyone. I had to learn it the hard way.

I am Tong
Tongi made history as the first Hawaiian to win “American Idol” in the show’s 21-year history.

On Sunday, Iam, a native of Tonga and Samoa, became the first Hawaiian to win an American Idol since the reality show began in the summer of 2002.

loud part of the audience Claims the entire match was “rigged” Supporting high school students, he credited his victory with “sympathy votes.”

Iam told judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan that he lost his father months before the hearing due to stage 4 kidney disease. He used his father’s guitar at every show until it broke midway through the season.

I am Tong
A large portion of the audience claimed the entire contest was “rigged” in favor of the high school senior, who credited “sympathy votes” with his victory.

An online reviewer tweeted this and I “has the best crying stories” Competition should focus on talents.

Another polarizing aspect of American Idol season 21 was Perry’s performance as a judge. While many viewers found her criticism harsh, Im told the Daily Mail he enjoyed interacting with the pop superstar.

“[All the judges] They were so much fun and we had a lot of fun with them when I was in Idol,” he said, adding that he thought Perry, 38, should have stayed where he was.

Katy Perry "American idol."
Tongi also shared his thoughts on Katy Perry’s recent appearance as a judge on the show.
ABC via Getty Images

“support [Katy] give and love [she] It brings nostalgia to the players.i will miss katie [if she left]”.

The “Fireworks” singer reportedly wants to step down as a judge on “Idol” because she feels the show has poorly represented her.

According to the Daily Mail, Perry believes she was “thrown off the bus” on several occasions by producers who, according to her, edited the show to give the impression of being a “nasty judge.”

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