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Amirah Vann plays Hattie Mae in A Jazzman’s Blues: Knowing Her Parents and Ethnicity |All Social Updates

Amirah Vann as Hattie Mae in A Jazzman’s Blues: Understanding Her Parents and Race

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Amirah Vann as Hattie Mae in A Jazzman’s Blues: Understanding Her Parents and Race

Amirah Vann has been an actress for 15 years, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she started to gain the public’s attention. The following year, Amirah showcased her talent in the role of Ms. Ernestine on the WGN TV series Underground.

After appearing in the episode, she played Teigen Price on How to Get Away with Murder. When Amira was cast as a regular, it was clear she was on the right track to being the kind of performer people would pay attention to.

She has previously guest-starred on hit shows such as Mozart in the Amazon Jungle and Girls on HBO. Let’s examine her private life in more detail and learn more about her parents.

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Amirah Vann’s parents raised her in Georgia

Born in her father’s home state of Georgia, Amirah Vann was raised by her parents in a friendly and happy environment.

Her father is African American and her mother is Puerto Rican, making her family multiracial. She is very proud of the fact that both cultures came together to create the foundation of what she is today.

Vann has an older sister. She has two nieces and a nephew as relatives.

On Mother’s Day, she posted a sweet statement with a photo of her mom: “I respect my mom and I am the parent of our family! Your extraordinary example of unwavering love has paved the way for future generations! Mother’s Day Greetings I adore you with all my heart.”

Amirah values ​​diversity in the entertainment industry and is excited to help bring a variety of characters to the big screen. She wanted to use her work in show business to “fight for the silent”.

Amirah Vann: Age and Race

Amirah Vann was born on July 2, 1978 in New York. She is now 44 years old. She is African American and a US citizen.

Vann worked in off-Broadway theaters for many years before moving into film and television.

Vann had small roles in films such as “Just Go” and “Stalker” before playing Ernestine, the upper-class domestic slave of Macon Manor in WGN’s 2016 American historical drama “Underground.”

The show was canceled after two seasons in 2017. She later made a cameo appearance on “Law & Order: Special Victims.” She also appeared in the final season of Major Crime as Agent Jazzma Fey.

Vann played the role of attorney Tegan Price in the 2017-18 season of the ABC courtroom drama How to Get Away with Justice. During seasons 5 and 6, Vann was promoted from his first recurring position to series regular.

The dating life of Amirah Vann and her boyfriend Patrick Oyeku

Amirah Vann’s boyfriend Patrick Oyeku has two children from a previous relationship.

They have been a couple for a long time. According to the photos she shared on her official Instagram account, it seems that their relationship is very good and their love seems to be growing every day.

Although Patrick’s brother introduced her, they didn’t hit it off until much later. Amirah claims she barely has time for dates as she has been auditioning for roles and performing in theatres.

Patrick and Amirah credit girl Nyla Fe Oyeku, born in February 2020, for giving them purpose in life. She and her boyfriend planned the ideal occasion to welcome their newest family member, but they quickly found out that it never actually came to pass.

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early life of amira vann

When she was little, Amirah Vann’s parents took her to Georgia, where her father’s family lived. Georgia is a friendly and welcoming state.

She comes from a diverse and multiracial family as her mother is of Puerto Rican descent and her father is African American. She is very grateful for the contributions her parents’ culture has made to her identity at this special time.

Vann has an older sister. In addition to two nieces, she has a nephew.

On Mother’s Day, she posted a photo of her mother on social media with a touching caption: “I pay tribute to my mother, who is an inspiration for our family. Her extraordinary example of unconditional love has been set for generations. Standard. Best conditions for Mother’s Day! I adore you with all my heart.

Amirah understands the value of diversity in the entertainment industry and welcomes the opportunity to help bring diverse personalities to the big screen. She believes working in the entertainment industry will allow her to “fight for the voiceless”.

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Amirah Vann’s Early Years, Nationality and Education

Amirah Vann was born on July 2, 1978 in Queens, New York City, USA, under the constellation Cancer. She may be African American, her mother is of Puerto Rican ancestry and her father’s ancestry is from Georgia, USA. Her father is a native American. After completing her elementary education, Amirah continued her studies by graduating from Far Rockaway Excess College. She then attended Fordham College, where she eventually earned a bachelor’s degree. She then continued her education at the prestigious Tisch Institute of the Arts in New York City, culminating in a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Amirah Vann’s Life Begins

Amirah started her professional acting career by performing backup dance and singing at numerous public events including weddings. That’s why she entered the entertainment industry. Some time later, she joined The Continuum Company, starring in the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, marking her debut as a stage actress. Over the next few years, he performed numerous off-Broadway shows, including The Mountaintop, Laughing Photos, and Bother in Thoughts.
Amirah made her debut in 2006 in the short film Three and a Half Ideas.

She then made her small screen debut in an episode of Family Values. Over the next decade, Vann starred in numerous films and TV shows, including Ladies in the Jungle, Imagination, and Mozart, which helped her hone her acting skills. During that time, she starred in a number of films, including the 2009 drama comedy Once Extra with Feeling.

In 2014, Amira shot to fame after starring in the romantic comedy “So Be It,” which also starred Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. This was used in a supporting role in Taylor Lautner’s 2015 film “Tracers,” in which she starred.


Amirah Vann’s acting career really took off when she landed the role of Ernestine on the 2016 TV series “Underground.” The sequence describes how African-American slaves in Georgia used the so-called subway to escape to freedom. Ernestine, a former slave played by Amirah Vann, helps many slaves escape. Over the show’s two seasons, she starred in 20 episodes before it was discontinued, playing Ernestine, the number one domestic slave. Amirah was recognized for her efforts with a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the 2017 Film Awards.

In 2017, Vann joined the cast and crew of the fifth season of TNT’s cop drama Major Crime.​​​ The series describes the activities and difficulties faced by the LAPD’s major crime units on a daily basis. Vann frequently plays the role of Agent Jazzma Fey in the series. Additionally, Amirah Venn plays the role of Tegan Value, a recurring character on the popular ABC series How to Get Away. The series follows a college law professor who, along with some of her students, becomes the mastermind of an assassination plot.

In 2017 and 2018, Tegan Value was starred by Amirah Venn. Amirah Vann’s most recent appearance was as FBI agent Justin Simon on the 2018 TV series “Unsolved Mysteries: The Tupac Murder and the Infamous BIG.” Vann’s most recent appearance was this one.

Quick Details About Amirah Vann

entire title Amira Charlene Fan
Profession actor
Delivery dates July 2, 1978
age 44 years out of date
delivery location Metropolitan New York
Race African American
Country of Citizenship American
Zodiac Signs most cancers
lively years 2006 to present
marital status Firm
fiancée Patrick Oyeku
the University Midwood Transition Academy and Far Rockaway Transition Academy
the University Fordham College
teenager Daughter (Nyla Fe Oyeku)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Amirah Vann speak Spanish?

Of course, Amirah Vann is fluent in Spanish.

How many children does Amirah Vann have?

Amirah Vann and fiancé Patrick Oyeku have a daughter named Nyla Fe Oyeku.

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