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Ana de Armas: “Blonde” nude scenes will be difficult for people to see

Andrew Domink’s Blonde has become one of the most controversial films of the fall pageant season, with many critics expressing disappointment over abortion treatment and frequent use of nudity, leading to the film’s NC-17 grossing ranking. However, while some people really feel that the sexual theme overshadows the rest of the film, the main girl sees other issues.

In a new interview with Leisure Weekly, Ana de Armas, who played Marilyn Monroe in the film, defended the film’s use of nudity and said she doesn’t consider different people’s interpretations.

“People are uglier [those scenes] Rather than having me do these things because I know what I’ve done in the past, I feel very protected and protected,” de Armas said. “Because I used to work in management, I didn’t really feel benefited from it. I made that call. I know what movies I was doing before. I trust my director. I feel like I used to be in a protected atmosphere. We’ve had a lot of conversations about these scenarios. Everyone has great respect for the films we make. In that sense, I am not afraid. I wasn’t uncomfortable in any way, even though it was a very powerful scene. “

She also praised the film’s intimacy coordinator, explaining that the approach was so easy that the sex scenes weren’t all that different from her different pictures.

“We’ve always had an intimacy coordinator who was very helpful,” she said. “But I wouldn’t even say that one of these scenes was tougher than the other. That’s only half the story. I know exactly what the footage might be. I know exactly what to see and what not to see, and I feel like it’s the most suitable option.”

The actress recently lamented that these sex scenes could be leaked online and taken out of context.

“I know what goes viral and it’s disgusting,” de Armas explained. “It’s annoying, just excited about it. I can’t manage it; you can’t really manage what they do and the way they take it out of context.”

Blondes are choosing theaters now. Streaming on Netflix begins September 28.

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