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Are Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest Dating? Kim’s fans want her to date Ryan

On Monday, September 26, Kim Kardashian appeared on the show “Living With Kylie and Ryan” as a guest and showed off her slimming in her popular cat pants trend. To praise host Ryan Seacrest for uploading a photo of him and Kim Kardashian on his Instagram account. Soon after he shared the post, fans started suggesting that Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest should be dating because they would make a beautiful couple. On the show, Kelly Pipa and Ryan Seacrest asked the star about her dating life.

Ryan Seacrest got his act together by clearing up the rumours and asking if she’s really single? Kim Kardashian replied “yes.” When Ryan Seacrest tried to act as Kim Kardashian’s Cupid and asked Kelly to give Kim dating advice, Kim surreptitiously asked if he was single. When fans started raising their expectations, Ryan Seacrest immediately said he wasn’t single. Still, fans via social media are still laughing at how great the two of them look together and begging for a date. In real life, reality TV stars and “American Idol” are very close. Their friendship has come a long way since Ryan kept in touch with the Kardashians as executive producers.

Are Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest dating?

No, Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest aren’t dating. Kim Kardashian asked Ryan Seacrest if he was single on the show, leaving fans hoping they would match. The Hulu star was a guest on the livestream with Kelly and Ryan, and Ryan Seacrest posted a photo on Instagram to praise the event. In this photo, Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest are very close, with Ryan, 47, posing while Kim is kissing the face. Fans rushed to the comment section, hoping the two celebrities would meet by chance. One surprised said, “You guys are really great together,” while another agreed, adding, “Love you guys. You’ll be a charming couple.” One user commented, “Maybe Ryan Should be dating Kim Kardashian!

During her time in the limelight, Kim dated many men, but some left a lasting mark on her public view. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are divorced. Their separation was bad, and the famous rapper kept adding to it by posting screenshots on Instagram and threatening her various exes, including 28-year-old Pete Davidson. The 41-year-old started dating Saturday Night Live alumni after the separation, and things got so hot that Pete got a couple of tattoos in tribute to Kim. One of the tattoos on Pete’s neck is the initials of Kim and Kanye’s children. Still, the 41-year-old’s romance with 28-year-old Pitt was short-lived. During the show, Kim told Ryan and Kelly that she wasn’t looking for anything but focused on finishing law school.

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