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Ariana Madix claims Raquel Leviss thought Tom Sandoval was in an open relationship

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Ariana Maddix Claims Raquel Lewis Thinks Tom Sandoval Is In An Open Relationship

Ariana Madix has denied claims that Raquel Levis was “rigged” to believe Tom Sandoval was in an open relationship when the affair started.

During the “Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition” reunion, Schean Shay claimed that Sandoval told Leviss that he and Madix were not exclusive in April 2022 — just months before their romp began.

Because of this, one fan suggested that the actor may have been too hard on Levis, who may have thought she had done no harm because of Sandoval’s alleged lie.

One fan wrote: “Did he manipulate Raquel in the same way Ariana claimed to have manipulated her for years?” Under the sixth page of Instagram. “I mean, why didn’t Raquel believe him when he told her that?” He took her on vacation to meet her parents, and they even spent Christmas together. “

Ariana Maddix and Katie Maloney
Ariana Madix responds to claims that Raquel Levis didn’t know she and Tom Sandoval were in an exclusive relationship.
Bravo/Vanderpump Rules

However, the suggestion didn’t go down well with Madix, who tried to clear the record in the comments section.

“To clarify, she doesn’t believe it,” the “VPR” star replied. “She told the people he told her. Major passages are missing here, which is totally understandable. They couldn’t fit every bit of context into the show.”

She continued: “He also spent Christmas with me and my family in Los Angeles (pictured in the finale) and then split his time to go home and see him. Remember the first holiday without my grandma .”

Ariana Madix commented on Instagram.
Madix explained that Levis “didn’t believe” the couple were in an open relationship — despite Sandoval allegedly telling her so.
Tom Sandoval and Raquel Lewis.
Scheana Shay claims Sandoval told Leviss he was in an open relationship in April 2022.
Instagram/Raquel Lewis

Shay, 38, first told Madix, 37, of Sandoval’s alleged remarks after the affair came to light in March.

“Apparently in April [2022]told this guy at Coachella after you go to bed and they were in the hot tub and he commented on her saying, “So you know Ariana and I are open, right?” And he started fucking hit her at Coachella,” Shay said in the “VPR” finale.

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Maddix appeared appalled by the claim, insisting “it was never like that”.

Madix and Sandoval, 40, have battled rumors of a public relationship all season, with the would-be rocker previously calling the allegations “the most fucking ridiculous thing ever.”

Raquel Lewis, Ariana Maddix
Leviss found out about it after she found an NSFW video of her ex-friend on her ex-boyfriend’s phone.

However, given Leviss and Sandoval’s sensational relationship, Madix revealed that she always believed the rumors “came from him.”

A sandwich shop owner has found out about her months-long affair after seeing a FaceTime recording of her former best friend on her ex-boyfriend’s phone. She dumped him immediately, and the aftermath of the incident was captured on season 10 of the hit show Bravo.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo, while an extended, uncensored version of “Pumped Up” airs the following day on Peacock.

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