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Artemis; Sls Rocket Returns To The Assembly Building – Ultima Ora & More Latest News Here

(ANSA) – ROME, Sept. 27 – Tropical Storm Ian forced NASA to maneuver the SLS (regional launch system) rocket from the launch pad for the Artemis 1 mission commanded from the moon. In the Kennedy Regional Center, the operation to switch the transmitter from ramp 39B to the Conference Building (Vab) begins at 5:21AM (Italian time) and may take several hours. The option to ship the rocket again to the Vab could even deepen control over the liquid propellant given future launch attempts, a date to be determined.

NASA decided to return the launch to the conference building after evaluating climate scenario data obtained by the Environmental and Ocean Monitoring Corporation (Noaa) and the U.S. Regional Power Company.

The rocket now needs to be moved by a fixed platform that separates the launch pad from the conference building by about 7 kilometers, which may be a fixed place. A break will allow technicians to more simply work on the rocket and examine all relevant units in liquid hydrogen leaks detected throughout the loading process, each of which was in the September 3 launch attempt and is being reviewed September 21st. (handle).

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