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Ashton Kutcher admitted about the 2011 film with Natalie Portman

Ashton Kutcher admits to working with Natalie Portman on 2011 film

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Aston Kutcher Reveals one of the best kept secrets in rom-com history.

Recently, the actor reunited with him no conditions supporting role Natalie Portman Peloton workout together for his series our futureReleased on September 20. During the meeting, the actor admitted that their 2011 romance comic was a lot like a movie with his current wife. Mira Kunis and Justin TimberlakeReleased the same year.

“I think the first time we really started hanging out was when we were filming no lines Together,” Kutcher said, to which Portman responded, “who would have thought we’d be on Peloton together in 20 years? “

Kutcher continued: “Wait, that’s weird too, because my wife made an almost identical movie called friends with benefits. “

both Ivan Reitmanof no conditions and Gluckof friends with benefits About a man and woman who decide to turn their friendship into sex rather than romance, only to find out later that it’s more complicated than they thought.

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