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Autumn Weather And Accidents Cause Busiest Morning Rush Of The Year

Autumn weather and a few other incidents kept the morning rush on Tuesday very busy. According to ANWB, this is the busiest morning peak in 12 months. At 8:36 am, more than 900 kilometers of tourists were jammed on Dutch roads.

In a different issue, it was installed on an A15 from Gorinchem to Rotterdam. The exit at Papendrecht is closed due to a truck accident. Website visitors must account for a delay of about an hour.

Accidents also occurred on the A12 at Veenendaal-West, the A2 at Veghel and the A9 at the Beverwijk junction.

An outdated report on Thursday, April 7 has been destroyed due to tourist congestion over 900 kilometers. On that day, about 887 kilometers of tourists were congested across the country. Even so, the climate is dangerous.

Autumn weather and accidents trigger busiest morning rush in 12 months now
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Autumn weather and accidents trigger busiest morning rush in 12 months now
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Autumn weather and accidents trigger busiest morning rush in 12 months now
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The article is in Dutch

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