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“Avatar: The Last Airbender”: Amber Midthunder, cast by Utkarsh Ambudkar

prey Break through the thunder in amber, ghost‘Utkash Ambudkar, Teen Wolf Alum Arden Zhao and FBI: Most needed Veterinarian Nathaniel Arcand is one of many to join Netflix reality show Avatar: The Last Airbenderrelating to Nickelodeon’s animation sequence.

Described as “a true adaptation of the award-winning and beloved Nickelodeon animated sequence”, written and directed by Albert Kim (Sleepy Hole, Nikita), the world of “Avatar” is divided into 4 countries: Aqua, Earth, Hearth and Air Nomads. Along with the four nations, some characters have the flexibility to enter a parallel dimension called the spirit world.

brand new and The damage of the currently introduced castings is as follows:

water tribe

Thunder Amber plays Princess Moon, the merciful non-secular patriarch of the Beishui tribe.

Martinez plays Pakku, a veteran waterbend master of the Northern Water Tribe and a fierce defender of their traditions.

Irene Bedard plays Yagoda, a sophisticated healer who acts as a working model for her tribe’s feminine navy.

Joel Oulette plays Rooster, a powerful and professional warrior with an unwavering loyalty to his tribe.

Nathaniel Arcand plays Chief Anuk, the father of Princess Moon and the revered chief of her tribe.

Meegwun Fairbrother as Avatar Kuruk, a former Avatar with a ghost.

earth kingdom

Arden Cho plays June, a cunning and tenacious bounty hunter known for his ruthless efficiency.

Utkarsh Ambudkar plays King Bumi, the traditional and capricious ruler of the Earth Kingdom metropolis of Omashu.

Danny Pudi stars as the mechanic, an eccentric inventor and engineer doing his best to raise his son in a war-torn world.

Lucian-River Chauhan plays Teo, The Mechanist’s idealistic and Goofy son.

James, your long-suffering greengrocer as a cabbage service provider, Omashu.

fire country

Momona Tamada as Ty Lee, a lively and optimistic teenager who is considered one of Princess Azura’s best companions.

Thalia Tran plays Mai, a calm and expressionless teenager who, along with Ty Lee, is considered one of Princess Azula’s closest allies.

Ruy Iskandar as Lt. Jee, the first mate of Prince Zuko’s ship.

Hiroshi Kanagawa plays Stove Lord Soma, the ruthless and bold former ruler of Stove Kingdom and grandfather of Stove Lord Ozai.

CS Lee as Avatar Roku, a formerly wise and benevolent Fireplace Nation incarnation.

François Chau as The Nice Sage, the revered non-secular chieftain of Fireplace Nation and guardian of the temple of Avatar Roku.

Ryan Mah as Lt. Dang, Commander Zhao’s deputy.

ghost world

George Takei will voice Koh, a historically predatory spirit.

Randall Duk Kim will voice Wanshitong, who looks like a big owl, also known as Data Spirit.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Amber Midthunder by Utkarsh Ambudkar

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