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Average Increase Of 6.6% In Switzerland & More Latest News Here

After 4 years of stabilization, health premiums will rebound again in 2023. Co-insurance premiums will reach CHF 334.70, up 6.6% compared to 2022, the largest nationwide increase since 2010. In inquiries, the Covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact on benefit prices, with a catch-up impact.

Coinsurance in all states will increase. According to forecasts released by the Federal Public Health Workplace (OFSP) on Tuesday, gains could range from 3.9% to 9.5%. Basically, the most significant ascension records nationwide are within the French-speaking canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Jura, the second highest point in the French-speaking region

Overall, the typical premium for adults will increase by 6.6% to 397.2 francs compared to the 12-month period, and for young adults by 6.3% to 279.90. For children, the increase could be 5.5% to reach a median premium of 105 francs.

In the Jura region, the increase exceeded typical values, reaching a peak of 7.9% (the second-highest increase in the French-speaking region after Neuchâtel). Premiums will rise for all age groups, increasing by 7.8% to 436.9 francs for adults, 7.9% for young adults and 6.1% to 108.6 francs for adolescents. /ATS-jpi

Benefit premiums in 2023: Switzerland generally up 6.6%
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Benefit premiums in 2023: Switzerland generally up 6.6%
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Benefit premiums in 2023: Switzerland generally up 6.6%
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