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Be Fair To Incoming Administration, Ortom Begs Critics

Benue state governor Samuel Ortom advised critics not to deal with Fr.’s new government. Hyacinth Alia is as they are to him.

The governor made the announcement on Tuesday during a farewell visit to the Tiv Regional Traditional Council at Tor Tiv Palace in Gboko, formally informing them that he will be stepping down in a few days.

“Let the insults, blackmail and lies against me and other leaders end with my government. Draw a line and it should not be handed over to the next government because it is not good for development,” Otom stressed, noting that Always maintain unity and peace in Tifran and avoid factionalism.

Speaking to the Tiv Traditional Council, Ortom advised the council against partisan politics aimed at undermining the collective interests of the Tiv nation.

Governor Otom, who holds the honorary title of chief of “Nyamkyume I Tiv”, informed the traditional rulers that after he leaves office, he plans to remain behind the scenes, adding that he will pledge allegiance to any noble cause that advances the interests of the people of the country.

Ortom also reiterated his commitment to any initiative aimed at bringing development to the states of Tivland and Benue.

He also thanked traditional rulers for their continuous support during his administration and thanked them for standing with him in times of turmoil.

Responding to the Governor’s speech, Chairman of the Tor Tiv and Tiv Regional Traditions Council, His Majesty Prof. James Iorzua Ayatse, on behalf of the Council, acknowledged how Governor Otom protected his people during his tenure.

He commended the governor for not succumbing to intimidation, harm or blackmail from high levels, and said future generations will speak positively of all the sacrifices the governor has made for his people.

Ayatse went on to say that Governor Ortom is successfully completing his term and will continue to be involved in the socio-political affairs of the country. He also acknowledged that his people’s future will require other duties from the governor and encouraged him to stay focused.

Ortom has also been praised for reforming traditional institutions and prioritizing the welfare of traditional rulers, pointing to the construction of ultra-modern palaces and vehicles for Tor Tiv and Och’Idoma, among others.

Otom also gets adorned by traditional rulers who also pray to God for continued protection of the viceroy.

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