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Biden plans to continue talks on a deal with Iran despite the regime’s brutal crackdown

The Biden administration plans to hold nuclear talks with Iran even as the country cracks down on protesters who have been demonstrating in recent days after a woman in police custody was killed.

The 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in Tehran, Iran, after she was arrested by ethics police, who accused her of violating strict state rules that require women to cover their hair completely with headbands. Amini was reportedly crushed to death after being arrested and died in hospital after being in a coma for three days. Iranian authorities declared she suffered from “sudden coronary heart disease”, but her family denied it.

Films on social media confirmed protests across the country in recent days, including pictures of girls burning hijabs and clashes between protesters and police.in a report on Friday Washington Publishing It was confirmed that Iranian security forces opened fire on protesters in the video.

Iran protests at White House
Activists revealed the loss of Mahsa Amini’s life outside the White House in Washington, D.C., on September 24, as protests rocked Iran in a crackdown. The Biden administration plans to continue negotiations on the Iranian authorities’ nuclear issue, despite the demonstrations and the Ladies’ crackdown.​​​
Alex Wang/Getty Images

Reuters reported on Sunday, citing Iranian state television, that the death toll in the protests had reached 41.

U.S. and Iranian officials have held talks to revive the nuclear deal, commonly known as the Joint Complete Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was first reached in 2015 but remained largely unheard of during former President Donald Trump’s administration. The deal lifted global sanctions on Iran to change restrictions on the country’s nuclear program.

In an interview with CBS face the nation Sunday, Host Margaret Brennan asked White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about the Iran protests and whether the situation “caused you to offer gifts that you put on the table, To raise sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, re-evaluate.”

“The fact that we are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program in no way undermines our willingness and enthusiasm to talk about what’s happening on the streets of Iran,” Sullivan said, including that the U.S. has taken steps to take action against the ethics police.” Sanctions “allow Iranians to talk to each other and to the world” by giving Iranians easier access to networks and communications applied science.

“So, from our point of view, we will do what we can to help the brave [and] Brave ladies of Iran,” Sullivan said.

“I asked you on the supply issue to raise sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program because that would provide the regime with a monetary lifeline,” Brennan said.

“I believe everyone must know that at the height of the Cold War, when Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an ‘evil empire,’ he was also negotiating arms management with Russia. We were talking,” Sullivan replied.

He continued: “We are talking about diplomacy to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons. If we succeed in this effort, and we decide to make it happen, then the world, America and our allies will be much safer. In any None of this prevents us from speaking out against Iran’s brutal oppression of residents and women. We are willing and able to do every one.”

Biden wants to continue talks with Iran despite crackdown
President Joe Biden speaks Friday at the White House in Washington, DC. The Biden administration plans to hold nuclear talks with Iran despite the country’s crackdown on protesters who demonstrated this week after the death of a woman in police custody.
Alex Wang

Information week The White House has been contacted for comment.

Biden plans to negotiate taking care of Iran despite brutal repression by Iranian regime

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