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Big Brother recap: [Spoiler] Wins in the season 24 finale

After nearly 12 months, Xavier Prather turns around big brotherthe first black champion, awaited the chance for an additional franchise milestone on Sunday night.

Taylor Hale’s appearance in Season 24’s third season finale means she’ll undoubtedly be the first black girl to win big brother ——Although wearing the dazzling jumpsuit she was mocked for in the first week, not a lot! However, after Sunday’s two-hour game, guests encountered some additional hurdles as they attempted to win the $750,000 grand prize. Did Taylor have a huge victory or just one of her opponents? Read on for the night’s highlights:

The Last HOH, Part 1 and Part 2 | As always, this season’s End of the House half is an enduro race, this time requiring Turner, Taylor and Mount to cling to oversized searing canines that jiggle and spin at all kinds of crazy commands.Taylor falls first, regardless of whether he has motion sickness gymnast When Mount was later thrown off his high post, he won the half-time win.

In the second half, Mount and Taylor should properly line up many of the home and veto energy race titles this season on two separate billboards, hopefully doing so sooner.Taylor finished the question with a strong finish of 7:4…but she was just crushed Mount, who finished in 6 minutes and 41 seconds.With longtime allies Turner and Mount now fighting each other in the 3rd half, Turner was assured – maybe to optimistic! — he’s sure to be in the remaining two; little did he know that Monte might be more focused on channeling Taylor to the tip, as he believes he’s more likely to profit from the sport than Tate.

jury debate | Brittany joins the other judges in a panel discussion moderated by a moderator bb The legendary Will Kirby may be the one most deserving of the prize. Conversations range from Taylor’s perfect parlor movement to every part of Turner’s manipulative techniques. However, while all three finalists looked like their own strong contenders, the conversation seemed very favorable for Monte, given his positive victories each and his ability to (mostly) avoid the others’ Sight, though a transparent season represents risk all summer long.

big brother 24 ending recapThe Last HOH, Part 3 | pass again big brother Historically, the three-game halftime of a HOH match has required true-false questions to be asked during the jury. bb a home. For most of the sport, Turner was tied with Munter, each answering all questions appropriately…until Munter moved forward to a certain extent Query 6.Turner didn’t catch up, indeed Mount The last resident of the season.Of course, this seems to be Turner used to be Somewhat overconfident in his remaining two deals with Mount: When Mount ousted someone, he replaced Turner on the grounds that he had to make a huge energy shift, and the jury file on his resume was just a few minute. Turner was shocked by the choice, but he wasn’t offended, and when he got to the door, assured Monte that they were fine. (Correctly, he does keep saying, “Love without dislocation!”, which hints at another question he’s thinking about, but we get this image.)

The second hour of the finale went by quickly, with a lot to deal with: Turner joined the rest of the jury, nine judges interrogated Monte and Taylor; the remaining two made a final appeal to the judges, and Taylor A very enthusiastic speech was given; the judges voted for the winner.Then it’s time to have some fun, like the revelation of Michael and Joseph each Real-world legal professionals and Turner’s long-awaited admission that he really stole Jasmine’s muffins. (Plus, it doesn’t matter if Alyssa and Kyle are still in love or not.)

winner, champion exposed | And then it’s finally the second we’re all ready for.the winner of big brother Season 24 is… Taylor! She won 8-1, with only Turner voting for his Ride or Die Monte.plus change into further big brotherTaylor, the first-ever black winner, also gets a piece of the pie bb Make history by being the main winner for a season, earning the title of America’s Favorite Contestant, and earning a further $50,000 and a cruise.The top three voters for America’s Favorite Participant are Taylor, Michael… and KyleWe’ll be able to take that into consideration until the next summer.

I give it to you big brother followers. Are you content to see Taylor win? Or your fireplace after the Monte (or Turner!) win? Comment below with all your ultimate thoughts!

Big Brother Review: [Spoiler] Win the season 24 finale

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