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Blonde: Joyce Carol Oates says Marilyn Monroe movie is exhausting

Joyce Carol Oates credits the #MeToo movement for giving “blondes” the ambition.

The writer told The New Yorker that Andrew Dominic spent years adapting her 2000 novel, which was impressive in Marilyn Monroe’s life, in part because of people like Naomi Watts The actress left her “old age” position and mediated the “brutal” attack. Blonde, starring Ana de Armas as Monroe, is currently in theaters before premiering on Netflix on September 28.

“Because of the #MeToo movement, there is more room to listen or show respect for girls,” Oates said on the matter so far. “Before Harvey Weinstein, there wasn’t going to be a lot of sympathy. People would say, ‘Oh, you’re exaggerating,’ or ‘It’s not that unhealthy,’ or ‘You just said that,’ or ‘He’s not really rape you; you invent it. But now, since MeToo, there is more respect for the exploitation of women. “

Oates continued: “It’s not a feel-good movie. A lot of movies about Marilyn Monroe are upbeat in some way and have a lot of music and singing. She can be very pretty and candy. This Probably closer to what she was really good at. The last days of her life were brutal.”

Oates shared her response to the film in advance after watching a tough minimization in August 2020. tweet “Blonde” is an “amazing, sensible, very disturbing, and perhaps most surprising, downright ‘feminist’ interpretation” of her novel. “I’m not sure if male directors have achieved anything [like] this. “

she after Known as the film “Beautiful Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, directed by Ana de Armas and directed by Andrew Dominic[k]; A man who has no opposite will not have this mantra solid. The tone of the film is hard to pin down, not surreal but not completely lifelike, not ‘horror’ but full of horror. “

Oates clarified to The New Yorker that she “has little to do” with the film adaptation of her novel.

“I noticed the rest was minimal, they sent some sort of embargoed movie and I needed to see it within forty-eight hours. They were very scared of those movies being pirated,” Oates muses. “I need to stop watching by the following. This movie is emotionally depressing.”

She added: “All the components are pretty fun. It’s tiring though. It’s almost three hours long. I need to stop watching it, leave it for a few hours, and be available again. That challenges the audience. People hallucinate…it’s not a movie, you just immerse yourself in it and see it. Nervousness doesn’t help.”

When asked about her response to the film’s controversial NC-17 rating, Oates said she had “no clear sentiment” about the MPA rating system. “The real problem that happened to Marilyn Monroe was much worse than anything else in the movie,” Oates concluded.

Author-director Dominic echoed Oates in advance on the #MeToo movement that led to the Blonde adaptation. Dominik revealed to Display Each day (via Collider) that the movie “wouldn’t have happened” without the #MeToo movement, “because no one cares about that shit, like being an unwelcome lady, or what it prefers to be. It’s like you just went through a Hollywood meat grinder.”

You’ll find all the essentials about “Blonde” here.

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Blonde: Joyce Carroll Oates says Marilyn Monroe movie is exhausting

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