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“Brainwashed” trailer: Nina Menkes deconstructs the male gaze

Documentary filmmaker Nina Menkes aimed her digital camera at film history itself.

Menkes’ “Brainwashing: Sex-Digital Camera-Energy” revolves around the cultural normalization of the exploitative male gaze in film. Using clips from more than 175 films, from “Sleeping Magnificence” to “Eyes Open” to “Spring Break,” Menkes deconstructs the relationship between the film’s visible language and “employment discrimination against girls and a pervasive environment of sexual harassment and abuse,” and attack. “

The film will premiere at the new DCTV Firehouse Cinema in the Metropolitan New York and Laemmle in Los Angeles on October 21st, and roll out nationwide through Kino Lorber.

The film is based largely on Menkes’ critically acclaimed talk “Association and Energy: The Visible Language of Cinema,” which will premiere at Sundance in 2021. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Menkes believes the lens design is gendered, “brainwashed” to try to interrupt the patriarchal narrative code that clearly shows the so-called “traditional” lens and digital camera angles, and that girls are sometimes depicted as objects of use The way. Assisting and pleasing male topics according to official summaries.

“If digital cameras are predatory, tradition is predatory,” Menkes said in the trailer.

Brainwashed Options interviewed all-star women and non-binary trading professionals, including Julie Sprint, Penelope Spheeris, Charlyne Yi, Joey Soloway, Catherine Hardwicke, Eliza Hittman, and Rosanna Arquette. From depicting the fragmented physique elements of women cis-our bodies to analyzing the rise of the #MeToo movement in the film industry, Brainwashed weaves Laura Mulvey and key feminist thought essays from various authors into research films that shine in cinemas with information embedded in them . However, if in any way, how will Hollywood change?

As director Sprint says in the trailer, “The tools of the grasp never dismantle the home of the grasp.”

IndieWire’s Kate Erbland wrote in her review of the film that “Brainwash” “is sure to spark conversations between audiences (it even has some precise dialogue scenes where the team talks about Menkes’ speech, good luck and don’t get a little jealous .” “

Erbland continued, “Most importantly, this film not only encourages fresh perspectives, it encourages fresh perspectives Look – This also includes the conclusion that not everything of value needs to have an audience take a thing out of it. “

Brainwashed: Hardcore – Digital Camera – Energy premieres October 21st.

Try the trailer below.

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‘Brainwash’ Trailer: Nina Menkes Deconstructs the Male Gaze

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