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Bre Thiesi has hit back at critics who told her to hire a night nurse

Bre Thiesi hits back at critics who told her to hire night nurses

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Nick Cannon welcomes BABY #9!

Bretiesi She doesn’t want advice from anyone when it comes to her family.

model sharing son legendary2 months, p Nick Cannon– She stands by her parenting decisions after sharing a screenshot of her DM with a suggested fan Wild ‘N Out The host asked her to babysit that night.

On September 19, Bray posted a video message on social networks in which she said she hadn’t slept for “three days” because her son was “screaming like crazy”. One fan responded to her message, offering to hire a night-shift nanny to help her with the newborn. When Bray asked the fan if he would pay for it, the fan replied: “Tell Nick!!”

That’s when everything got worse. Bray replied, “I don’t need your unsolicited advice, thank you. You have some damn guts.”

She then sent a message to anyone with advice for her and her family. “Keep my education, my kids and my dad’s name in your mouth,” she shared on her Instagram Story. “Nick is not my father. Nick is the father of my children, that’s all.

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