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Buhari Failed Us, Say Herders

The country’s herders bemoan the president, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Muhammadu Buhari, who has failed them.

Herders affiliated with the Federation of Nigerian Herders’ Associations said Buhari had never had contact with herders since he was sworn in.

Auwal Gonga, vice-chairman of the Nigeria chapter of Tabital Pulaaku International, said this while speaking to reporters in Abuja on Thursday.

Next to Gonga are Nigerian National President Miyetti Allah, Baba Ngelzarma of the Cattlemen’s Association and Salim Umar, General President of Fulbe’s Global Initiative on Development and Rights.

He said, “He never engages with stakeholders. Even if he thinks he can’t engage with us, we have among us members of ex-ministers and ex-governors. One of them is Isa Yuguda, why can’t Buhari call him and talk to him Engagement? The government was wrong to do that, and that’s why they failed,” he said.

Gonga called on the incoming government to better unite the country’s herders and farmers.

“We call on the new government to change policy and strategy. It should create a Ministry of Livestock. Countries such as Tanzania and Cameron have it. We believe that the incoming government will do a good job of uniting farmers and herders. Unfortunately, our Brother Buhari has failed.”

However, Omar denied that herders were responsible for the killings in places like Plateau, Oyo, Gombe and Benue, adding that their members were also victims of the crisis.

He called on the security agencies to arrest and prosecute all those involved in this heinous crime.

“We appeal to the attention of the state government that the activities of the vigilante in the past have only led to intensified reprisals by the bandits who have been terrorizing the surrounding areas,” Omar said.

“The security agencies in charge of these areas should do more to protect innocent people who are constantly being harassed by bandits. We believe in the security agencies’ ability to stop this cowardly and despicable act against unarmed civilians.”

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