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Cara Delevingne goes glam in Paris after photos from the airport

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Cara Delevingne shines in Paris after photoshoot at airport

Cara Delevingne appears to be fascinated by the Paris event, as she reports that her friends are “desperately hoping” for the model’s help.

Delevingne, 30, wore a cropped dress to a Paris Fashion Week party, debuting with Cara Loves Karl, her new collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.

Cara Delevingne at Paris Fashion Week
Cara Delevingne dressed up for Paris Fashion Week.
David Fisher/Shutterstock

The model wore an all-black coat and high heels, revealing her chest and bright red lipstick.

The “Suicide Squad” star appears to be in better shape on camera than in recent weeks.

The Paper City actress raised alarm among fans and friends after she went into danger at Van Nuys Airport on September 5.

Delevingne was caught by her father at an airport in California with no shoes and disheveled, and her Jay-Z private flight was reportedly delayed by two hours.

Carla Delevingne
Photos of the actress were released at an airport in California earlier this month.

The inconsistent show didn’t just seem to bother her fans, as her friend Margot Robbie was seen leaving Delevingne’s house in tears the following week.

Concerns about Delevingne’s party lifestyle have surfaced, with some of her friends reportedly going to rehab “desperately”.

Carla Delevingne
The “Paper Towns” star was spotted earlier this year and a source told Page Six that she “looked really drunk”.
Dave Bennett/Getty Images at E1

Friends of the “Murder in Construction” star are concerned she is struggling with a combination of mental health issues and addiction, sources told TMZ.

Drinking Delevingne has also been in the spotlight in the past, with a bottle and drink in hand when she danced with rapper Wyclef Jean at a party in New York in March.

A source told Page Six that the model “appeared to be really drunk” and carried a drink and an unopened bottle of vegan Prosecco throughout the night.

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