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Charlize Theron: I’m not ‘on Kim Kardashian’s level’

Even Charlize Theron, the Oscar-winning actress who starred in some of the greatest films of the 21st century, has had a tough time making them. In a brand new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress made it clear that she doesn’t really feel like she’s become a Hollywood star, and that she’s open to corporate choices that will cost her.

“I really feel like being in a place is the way it is,” Theron said. “I don’t think the extra work will change my profile. It’s just a mediocre ride at any point. I was by no means a Kim Kardashian-level person before. However, I really feel like it’s more of a factor all along. .”

She noted that it had become increasingly cumbersome to seek funding for the films she wanted to make. Mad Max: The Rampage star believes it’s partly due to fading fame and partly because the outcome of the trade is judging the pitch by additional criteria, not just star power.

“I would say, there was a time when you really wanted some fame so you could do what you really wanted to do,” she said. “But right now it’s like, I do shit all day, and other people say, ‘No thanks.’ I’m like, ‘I think the money in the financial institutions is running out. That’s good. It’s good that you ask questions primarily based on how good or bad they are, rather than “Oh, you’re the factor, and we want to get into the business with that factor.” “

Theron, who would go on to star in the sequels Quick X and The Outdated Guard 2, didn’t rest on his laurels. The star mentioned that she has always been motivated to keep working and use her platform to improve the environment for young actresses who are just beginning their careers.

“I have a pure struggle inside of me to create an environment that really feels like the problem I was hoping for at the beginning of the last 30 years,” she said.

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Charlize Theron: I’m not ‘Kim Kardashian’s degree’

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