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Chicago Fire Season 11 Spoilers – Violet, Gallo, Knight

The wind is blowing for a romantic connection.

After the last Wednesday Chicago Fireplace In the season 11 premiere, Violet and Paramedic Disciplinary Officer Hawkins make another official appearance, and they’re bigger than ever. Now that Emma is gone, the couple don’t have to worry about Emma blackmailing them about their secret romance. Since Hawkins made the switch, he and Violet have officially gone public with their relationship, as evidenced by last week’s full PDA presentation of Molly in the episode. However, the duo will trade last season’s huge relationship challenge for a new one that may be smaller but just as necessary.

“It’s like candy and routine issues now, he has commitments [and] He can’t find time to see her because he needs to go somewhere else,” Hanako Green Smith, who plays Violet, told TVLine during the current #OneChicago Day press conference. “However, the magic factor is seeing the normality in a relationship. , and see them thrive in this approach because they face so many challenges. How does it feel to collectively have no problems now? “

Meanwhile, Gallo, eager to reunite with Hawkins, will take steps to put his feelings for Violet behind him. “I think he understands that’s the right approach. If she doesn’t choose him, it’s not his fault,” said his actor Alberto Rosende.

While Gallo “might take a hard time” getting Violet off, there’s a bonus, the actor noted: “He can see if there’s anyone else in the market that might pique his curiosity, and maybe. “It’s exciting and could get him in trouble,” Rosende teased. (Co-showrunner Andrea Newman told TVLine that Gallo “will continue to have fun as hell.” )

And will Ritter, the second half of the Gallo and Violet trio, also get a new love adventure?

“Inside the hearth station and outdoors, the problem is going downhill. We just have to go in and see how it goes,” said Daniel Carey, who plays the firefighter. “But I think there are some exciting issues for him in terms of love and courtship and flirting. There are moments of humor that we could really make into a movie and we’ll see again this season. So I’m pretty excited. “

Chicago Fireplace It airs on NBC Wednesday at 9:80.

(Reporting by Keisha Hatchett)

Chicago Fireplace Season 11 Spoilers – Violet, Gallo, Knight

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