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Chicago Med star Marlyne Barrett aka Maggie reveals cancer diagnosis

Chicago Medicine Star Marlyne Barrett reveals she was only recently found to have most uterine and ovarian cancers.

In an interview with Folks, the actress said doctors discovered a football-sized tumor in her uterus and left ovary in July.Barrett is currently undergoing ‘active’ chemotherapy (while still taking pictures Chicago Medicine) before a final hysterectomy. (One Chicago Medicine Supply told TVLine that Barrett’s most cancer battle has had no impact on her participation in the current eighth season of the NBC series. )

“I’m really enjoying my job right now,” Barrett told Orientation. “Once I thought about one thing, it gave me a lot of respite and ‘How am I supposed to hug my baby?’ “(cable The vet and husband, Pastor Gavin Barrett, have 11-month-old twins. )

Barrett said it was her Chicago Medicine Impressed by the character Maggie’s 2019 highest breast cancer rate story, she went public with her personal highest rate battle, telling people, “I’m a very special person who is very private, but I felt compelled to tell my story. I had a large group of people reaching out to me via social media when my character was thought to have most breast cancers. They introduced me to bravery, so I felt a sense of inevitability way to satisfy the heart of the place where they met me.

“Those of us are so afraid to face the death of our lives that we don’t even dare say the word most cancers,” she said. “However, we now have a lot more energy in our bodies than we expected.”

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