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‘Child’ man slammed for faking injury to make partner walk out of wedding

The internet has slammed a ‘naive’ man for pretending to hurt him so his mate would go home from her brother’s wedding.

Posted on the r/AmITeA**gap discussion board on Reddit, peers under the anonymous username u/throwra32343456 shared their stories to get advice from the “AITA” group.

The unique poster (OP) begins her story by explaining that her husband has been feeling sick for a few days and that the OP is there to care for him 24/7. They confirmed he was taking medication and may be walking, going to the toilet and feeding himself.

The fight begins when the OP tells him they are leaving for her brother’s wedding. He “threw a match” and said they couldn’t leave him alone when he was sick. She argued it was abdominal pain and he was “not that sick” because he was being treated. They prompt him to appoint his sister to handle him while they go to the wedding. The OP’s husband didn’t say no and insisted they missed it. They said “no” and left when he hoped they wouldn’t come again.

Man doesn't let partner go to wedding
A man and a girl were arguing upstairs. Posted on Reddit’s r/AmITEA**gap discussion board, a ‘naive’ husband has been slammed for faking hurt so his partner will be home at her brother’s wedding.
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“At the wedding ceremony I bought a text from him saying he misplaced, fell off the steps and damaged him again,” the OP wrote. “He said he had all kinds of pains, he was vomiting and couldn’t transfer, and insisted that I go home ASAP. I freaked out and started calling his phone, but he didn’t reply. I believe he needed to distribute ‘I’m scared More broken. I bought my car and immediately drove to our house again. After buying the house, I ran up to the steps and yelled his name, but he wasn’t there. I used to really start freaking out. “

“I bumped into the bedroom and found him drinking juice on the mattress and he hung up the phone as soon as he noticed me. I knew right away he was lying so I misplaced and started screaming and he freaked me out I missed my brother’s wedding in vain…not at all. He said he had told me I couldn’t leave him alone at home and this exact scenario could have happened if I had stayed there longer. I yelled at him and it made him cry. He started crying and squirting semen all over the place,” they continued.

The OP just called his sister yelling at her and said they shouldn’t be “neglecting” to leave her husband’s house while he’s sick and they shouldn’t be yelling at him. The couple have not seen each other since the fight.

Information week Contact u/throwra32343456 to post a comment.

Indicators that you may be in a bad relationship

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  • You’ve seen a lack of help in this relationship because you don’t really feel supported or inspired.
  • Communication has shifted from respectful and constructive to harmful or sarcastic.
  • There is jealousy or jealousy in the relationship.
  • Your companions tend to behave in a controlled manner.
  • You have seen your peers ignore your needs and desires.
  • You feel fixed pressure in the relationship.

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Redditor’s reaction

“[Not the a**hole] He lied, he was a manipulator, he was borderline abuse. One of the motivations to come back to this home has to be to get your stuff,” wrote u/Shadowholme, which has been top rated by more than 33,000 people.

“It wasn’t even the tipping point, he was abusive. [Not the a**hole]’ u/Spirited-Security-Lass responded to the remarks.

“OP. canine babe These are the phrases you use to explain that I want to be an adult. d You already know that. You deserve more than junk,” u/pizzaisapie69 said.

“[Not the a**hole], he is manipulative and very childish. Please consider leaving someone who is trying to separate you from your loved ones,” commented u/Rocklobsterbot.

‘Baby’ man slammed for faking hurt to get mate out of wedding

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