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Claudia López Says That The Duque Government Took 29,000 People Out Of Jail & More Latest News Here

There are many factors that make Bogotá an unsafe metropolis, the mayor said, assuring in Noticias Caracol that crime charges have been reduced, Despite the fact that the theft of all kinds of belongings is becoming more and more people lurking in the streets whenever and wherever.

Nonetheless, Claudia Lopez revealed an indisputable fact that has not been established until now: “An unimaginable factor is happening in Colombia as authorities across the country use the pandemic as an excuse to take away 29,000 criminals ‘s prison. He got them out of jail, something like that. “

The allegations were made against Ivan Duque’s administration, which the mayor of the capital did not hesitate to call “outrageous”. “It’s almost a miracle to put a robber or a felon in jail. As a result of this brutality, murder and theft are on the rise across the country“.

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Although he did not elaborate on how the resident launch came about, López assured the men were part of a gang that robbed every day of the day.

“These criminals didn’t rejoin society to do one thing, they went out to steal again, attacked tourists again and attacked residents,” the local president said.

Claudia López on how to deal with insecurities in Bogotá

For weeks, the federal government, led by Gustavo Petro, has proposed new strategies to avoid prison overcrowding, but the mayor disagrees with the concepts.

“There has to be a restorative justice system that includes short sentences and resocialization, but not letting them go free. We Colombians paid the price for criminals to take our belongings“, he assured.

Nonetheless, it does make it clear that the insecurity in Bogota and other cities is the result of gangs of foreigners settling in the country and working as if they were in the cities of origin. “They are a transnational gang that conducts trafficking and extortion in Colombia and Venezuela And export to the United States to Europe. Among them, Bogota has nine,” he assured.

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According to her, even though her government has helped the police with their work, it is this entity that should absolutely be attacking these felony gangs who will be responsible for the bodies in our luggage in different parts of the capital.

Claudia Lopez says Duke authorities take 29,000 people out of jail
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Claudia Lopez says Duke authorities take 29,000 people out of jail
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Claudia Lopez says Duke authorities take 29,000 people out of jail
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