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Cobie Smulder: Marvel Series Secret Invasion Goes Deep On Maria Hill

Disney+ could be no less than six months away from the much-anticipated Spring 2023 launch secret invasion sequence, however MCU veteran Cobie Smulders is as excited about her debut as her followers are.

“I’m DelightedFor the premiere of the Marvel series, Smulders advises TVLine as he pitches Freevee’s upcoming challenge High school teacher theater.

“it seems so Very good,” she gushed, “and it’s a completely different tone than I’ve ever seen. [in the MCU]. I imply there is Sam [Jackson] There’s one thing that looks downright exciting, but I believe it actually shapes his character in a very compelling way that I’ve always wanted to see. “

secret invasionWho will help launch Part 5 of the MCU, starring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and captain marvelBen Mendelsohn, named Talos for the shape-shifting Skrull, and Smulders reprise her MCU role as former SHIELD associate director Maria Hill. Launched in December 2020, the Disney+ series is largely based on the 2008 Marvel Comics crossover movie of the same name, following the Skrull cult that has permeated every aspect of life on Earth.

Various confirmed fake members include Kingsley Ben-Adir (OA, Comey Rules) in a so-called villain position, Martin Freeman, as the MCU’s Everett Ross, Olivia Colman (crown) and Emilia Clarke (entertainment of power).

secret invasionSmulders discusses how the 35mm sequence serves Maria Hill, but won’t say it’s inherently any good for us additional than the characters we’ve seen before the Avengers, End Game or Spider-Man: PUBG. However “this is the best depth I got a message saying Maria Hill,” she assured. “That’s what’s so great about these reveals that Marvel is doing, you’re going to be able to really understand the backstories of these characters. What is the conversation that happens after they just sit together and drink espresso? It’s not like, ‘We have to catch the dangerous guy! We have to get that factor! Now we have to save the world again! It’s like, ‘Let’s just talk, let’s go for a walk. We’re able to see these moments, And become more intimate with the characters.”

As for larger locations, secret invasion Executed by starting Part 5, followed by Part 6 of the MCU (the latter ending with the film in November 2025 Avengers: Secret Wars), Smulders is a detail-oriented mom, but says, “They’re Marvel geniuses, so they’re going to do something that I can’t discuss or understand.”

Smulders are then seen enjoying Tegan and Sara’s mom High school teacherFreevee’s eight-episode series, based largely on the indie pop duo’s best-selling memoir, premieres Friday, October 14.

want to scoop secret invasionOr for a different Marvel sequence? Email [email protected] and your inquiries may be answered by Matt’s Inside Line.

Cobie Smulder: Marvel Collection Secret Invasion Into Maria Hill

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