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College Coach Brittney Grenier Reacted Shockingly Cold To Her Confinement

OKM Mulki’s surprisingly cold response to inquiries about Britney Grenier’s controversial prison sentence in Russia.current Louisiana State University (LSU) Coach, AP three times Faculty Basketball Coach of the Year (2012, 2019, 2022) I had a falling out with a participant before, and I was more sure than ever on Monday.

earlier Baylor The coach held a press conference and was asked two questions by reporters. The first has nothing to do with Griner, the second is the next “I just wanted to know what you think about the situation with Brittney Griner. I don’t think I’ve seen anything from you, just…”

And you didn’t get it either, Mulkey said coldly. “I’ll get back to your original inquiry.” Similarly, the current LSU head coach doesn’t admit it at all. greener book at RussiaThe reaction shocked everyone online, who unanimously wondered why she was so candid and cold on the topic.

The downfall of Mulke and Greiner, still evident 9 years later

The relationship between Mulkey and Griner goes back to 2013 again, the last 12 months Griner Baylor CollegeThe idea that Greiner was forced to keep details about her homosexuality private was much more controversial on these occasions (especially in Texas).

Assigned to “WNBA committed to delivering Griner House ASAP” as league begins

Mulkey allegedly advised Greiner that she should block the ad.when ESPN Reporter Kate Fagan was about to interrupt the story when Baylor’s former coach allegedly tried to fire on her.

Greiner has since said she wants to strengthen her bond with the school coach, and even seems willing to repair her relationship with the alienating coach.

Baylor coach Nicky Cullen talks her for five minutes

contradiction between Mulkey and render Baylor health coach, Nikki Collin overwhelming.Colin talks about greener When asked separately about the matter at a news conference, he called it more “humanity” than sport.

Colin also went on to think that Griner made “Baylor a family title,” in apparent respect for the WNBA star and Boston University alum.


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