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Contest features adorable dog photos

Dogs come in a variety of styles and sizes, from Great Nice Danes and bouncy St. Bernards to small terriers and super small Chihuahuas, the photo contest celebrates dogs in all their glory.

The CEWE Picture Awards represent the largest photo competition in the world, and this year’s edition may be an unforgettable award for those who have seen the many canine photos submitted.

Our dog preferences can also be a matter of personal choice, but all kennel owners will agree that their four-legged companions aren’t just pets, they’re part of the family.

Happy Shiba Inu among the flowers.
A labrador is standing by the lake.

In fact, a survey of 2,000 dog homeowners found that 60 already knew someone had their dog at their wedding.

9 people even mentioned that they might have their dog as a best man, and it turns out that {couples} are ready to spend $75 to get their dog ready for the wedding.

As valued family members, it is understandable that kennel owners need to take and save many photos of man’s best friend.

The outstanding canine leaders of the CEWE Picture Awards hail from Norway, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Sweden, with a variety of large and small dog breeds, photographed in a variety of hanging or idyllic settings.

CEWE UK mentions: “It’s undeniable that {a} pet is like the rest of the family and they are rarely the main target of our photos! These photos capture the canine personality and show off their delightful personality , naturally showing how cute they are in general.

“We couldn’t be happier with our animal entry for the CEWE Picture Awards 2023, it always made us smile once we saw how much people love their pets.”

A shepherd and a sheep.
Three dogs by the river.

15 featured photos have been submitted to competitors launching this May with the goal of making the world’s most productive photographers have a good time.

Contestants are open to everyone, from enthusiastic novice photographers to established photographers.

A dog hugs its owner.
water spray dog

Entrants have until May 2023 to submit photos celebrating the competition’s theme, “Our world is cute.”

There are 10 courses for budding photographers to choose from – from aerial photography and wildlife to landscapes, journeys and traditions, these courses highlight the truly amazing things about the world around us.

There are several dogs on the beach.
A dog is watching butterflies.

The 1000 general winners will win a total of over €250,000 ($240,000). In addition, three-month to one-month winners may be selected, who will receive a CEWE photo merchandise voucher worth €100.

Global charity SOS Youngsters’s Villages also benefited, as each photo submission resulted in a donation to a children’s charity.

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