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Cubans Vote If They Recognize Homosexual Marriage And Accept Surrogacy & More Latest News Here

This is the first time Cubans have decided to legislate. This Sunday, more than 8 million residents voted on whether to simply accept the new family law in a referendum.

Easy Majority May Be Crucial to Gaining Recognition same-sex marriagethese {couples} may assume or otherwise it is allowed Unity breeds.

Authorities already campaigning for ‘ok’ On state media, social networks, and even at such a game on the streets of Havana. Communities and municipalities consulted the norm in advance in 79,000 meetings.

While responding to advisors “No” votes may turn into precise opposition to the possibility of the authorities. It’s him Among the more than 70 authorized specifications in the latest new structure, a business that can vote nationwide.

is expected to be Confirm final result after 5 days vote.

The sprawling legislative package also provides for parental responsibility and so-called joint pregnancies, although the most contentious issue is the prevalence of same-sex marriage or the opportunities same-sex {couples} can afford.

The proposed Family Code mentions gender-based violence, prohibits young people from marrying, and protects communication between grandparents and grandchildren in the event of divorce.

It covers different modifications in the domestic environment that correspond to preventing domestic aggressors from demanding custody of their children, the division of property, and having stepmothers and stepfathers as guardians.

Cubans vote while recognizing gay marriage and accepting surrogacy
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Cubans vote while recognizing gay marriage and accepting surrogacy
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Cubans vote while recognizing gay marriage and accepting surrogacy
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