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Dagestan women confront police at a mass demonstration against Putin’s draft

A film circulating on social media shows female protesters in Russia’s Dagestan region as they demonstrate the navy’s efforts to mobilize Russian residents for the war in Ukraine.

The protests come after Russian President Vladimir Putin last week introduced a “partial mobilization” in the country’s invasion of its Japanese European neighbors, which began in late February, and ordered another 300,000 military-trained reservists fight in battle.

In a video posted by columnist Julia Davis of The Day by day Beast, the ladies can be seen confronting police on the road.

“The ladies of Makhachkala, Dagestan, are desperately protesting the war and mobilization: ‘Why are you taking our children? Who attacked whom? Who attacked Russia? We are the ones who attacked Ukraine. Russia attacked Ukraine. Say no!'” Davis tweeted.

In another video shared by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, the ladies can be seen chasing a policeman as he flees throughout the protest.

Belarusian media company NEXTA also tweeted videos of the protests. One of the many films shows the ladies singing in front of the police.

“Ladies are #dagestan explain a policeman #Russia be attacked #Ukraine And start saying ‘no!’ to the war singing,” the outlet tweeted.

Meanwhile, another video showed a police officer shoving a girl throughout the protest.

“There’s a chubby cop #dagestan Roughly pushed a girl,” NEXTA tweeted.

Ruslan Ahalci, Activists from the Observer Movement in Dagestan released a video showing a girl talking to a group of men about the war.

corresponding That Submitted by Washington, The girl, a Navy recruiter, criticized her for not being part of the war.

“These kids will fight for his or her future,” the girl allegedly said in the video.

Akhalci tweeted the video, believed to have been viewed more than 300,000 times: “The mobilization of Dagestan will not be smooth sailing: – my grandfather fought for the fatherland! – in 1941-1945 we fought War, it was a war. Now it’s not war, it’s politics.”

Information week The authenticity of social media movies cannot be confirmed.

Women in Dagestan protest Russian conscription and confront police
Above: Law enforcement officers detain a protester during a rally in Moscow on Saturday against the naval invasion of Ukraine and partial mobilization. A film circulating on social media shows female protesters in Russia’s Dagestan region as they demonstrate the Navy’s efforts to mobilize for the war in Ukraine.

The newspaper also reported that Russian officials tried to recruit 13,000 men from Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim region in the North Caucasus.

Information week The Russian Ministry of Protection has been contacted for comment.

Part of Putin’s mobilization statement sparked nationwide protests that led to mass arrests. As of Friday, Russian authorities had arrested nearly 1,400 people in 38 cities in protest against the mobilization.

According to the U.S.-based Institute for Imaginary Tank Struggle (ISW), Russia’s new mobilization push “overwhelms an ineffective and unmotivated bureaucracy and should not be able to deploy much-needed combat readiness stockpile pressure on short notice, or whatever. .”

“Part of Russia’s mobilization efforts experienced early serious and systemic problems, created shared resentment, and created an environment in which the mobilized reserve could not perform the duties assigned to it by Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the hypothesis said. Tank added.

Dagestan woman confronts police in mass demonstrations over Putin’s draft

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