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“Dahmer” just had Netflix’s biggest series debut ever

Netflix’s “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” just released the streaming service’s most-watched all-new sequence in Week 1. Of course, this features the Squid Sport.

“Dahmer” garnered a whopping 196.2 million hours of views in its first week of release, which actually lasted only 5 days. It premiered on Wednesday, bringing the Ryan Murphy drama starring Evan Peters two days early on a number of different Netflix shows. There are some differences, the streaming service usually premieres on Fridays. Wednesday’s launch was a small setback for Netflix. Given these results, it might be tempting to deliver the company’s previous favorite launch day again.

For quick context, Netflix’s No. 2 sequence last week was Destiny: A Winx Legend Season 2, with 60.97 million hours in its second week on the chart (and its first full availability). . Cobra Kai Season 5 Week 3 (the second full broadcast) came in third with 38.12 million hours. Netflix’s most-watched show in the world was newcomer “El Rey, Vicente Fernández”‘s first full week, with 33.34 million hours watched.

Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 list is back at the top again for June 2021.Since then, 10 more weeks than “Damus” – including more weeks season– Premiere Week – but by no means a bigger start for a new sequence. (In other words, Stranger Things #4 has a bigger premiere week, but this is the fourth season of a long narrative sequence.)

Below is the total number of weeks in which Netflix sequences (in English or any other) were over the first 5 days of “Dahmer”. In descending order:

  1. Squid Sport Season 1 (available September 27-October 3, 2021, third week): 571.76 million hours watched
  2. Squid Sport Season 1 (September 20-September 26, 2021, Week 2 available): 448.73 million hours watched
  3. Squid Sport Season 1 (Oct. 4-Oct. 10, 2021): 412.94 million hours watched
  4. Stranger Issues 4 (30 May – 5 June 2022): 335.01 million hours watched
  5. Stranger Issues 4 (27 June – 3 July 2022): 301.28 million hours watched
  6. Stranger Things #4 (May 23-29, 2022): 286.79 million hours watched
  7. Squid Sport Season 1 (October 11-17, 2021): 258.84 million hours watched
  8. Bridgetown season 2 (Sports 28 – April 3, 2022): 251.74 million hours watched
  9. All of Us Are Useless Season 1 (Jan 31, 2022 – Feb 6, 2022 – Week 2 available): 236.23 million hours watched
  10. “Cash Heist: Half 5” (August 30-September 5, 2021): 201.91 million hours watched

Dahmer: The Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer’s story reignited a fascination with the Milwaukee serial killer that dominated headlines in the early 1990s, and was thus influenced by Dahmer’s murder. Episode eight features a grueling, almost verbatim recreation of the accounts the victim’s family made at the 1992 trial. Eric Perry, cousin of Errol Lindsay, one of Dahmer’s latest victims, posted a press release on social media over the weekend, calling Dahmer’s current life and crime “retraumatizing.” “Depicted.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s sister Rita Isbell directed Insider to issue a press release on Monday, saying Netflix had not contacted her about the sequence. (Perry repeated the claims.) Played by DaShawn “Sprint” Barnes in episode 8, Isbell proved emotionally hurt to Dahmer before sentencing.

Isbell wrote: “I was troubled after noticing part of the gift, especially when I noticed myself – seeing my title appear all over the display and what this woman actually said Exactly what I said before.” “About the present, I’ve never been contacted. I really feel like Netflix should be asking us if we think about it or how we feel. You didn’t ask me anything. They just did.”

The sequence has been trending on Twitter since it premiered on September 23, with reactions to the use of reality and fiction to tell Dahmer’s story fierce and divided. “Let’s not romanticize Jeffrey Dahmer just because he is Evan Peters’ performance. Remember sacrifice. A clue about each patient and who they were,” one consumer wrote in a post the article says now viral tweet.

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‘Dahmer’ Is Simply Netflix’s Greatest Sequence Debut Ever

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