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‘Danger!’ mistress Amy Schneider married Genevieve Davis

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‘Danger! ‘ Mistress Amy Schneider marries Genevieve Davis

Who is the bride?

“Dangerous!” 40-game winner Amy Schneider announced Tuesday that she and girlfriend Genevieve Davis are teaming up in May.

“Genevieve and I are delighted to announce that on Monday, May 9, we had a small private wedding at the Alameda County Recorders,” longtime Jeopardy fan Share on InstagramAlong with a few happy day photos.

“Next year they will still have their traditional wedding and reception,” the master explained. However, since their lives are “too busy this year and plans are too far ahead,” “they can’t wait to announce [their] love and devotion to each other,” they continued with a more intimate ceremony.

“Thank you all for your support!” Schneider has completed her post.

In the photo, Davis and Schneider are hugging each other while the former kisses the bride’s cheek.

They all wore simple white dresses and flashy hats and said yes.

Schneider shared more details on her Twitter account, sharing three identical photos from her wedding day.

“A year ago, today I was [Los Angeles]Wait for the dream to come true. It’s been a year full of good times since then, but the best day so far is May 9, when Genevieve and I got married. No other good day would have happened without it. I am so lucky to share my life with her! ” gush.

Amy Schneider and Genevieve Davis are engaged
The couple got engaged in February 2022.
Instagram / Dangerous

In February, Schneider announced their engagement with a photo of their left hand waving their engagement ring.

“She said yes! Well, I actually agreed, but then I also wanted to propose, so she agreed too, haha” describe the photo.

“I couldn’t be happier or prouder to be married to the best person in the world, and I’m so excited to share my life with her. It’s great to be able to introduce her to people as “Genevieve, my fiancée.”

Amy Schneider and Genevieve Davis
Schneider first rose to fame when he won 40 games in “Jeopardy!”
Instagram / Dangerous

Schneider previously revealed that they met through her friend’s boyfriend.

“In the summer of 2020, my friend stayed in my apartment for a while, got on the phone with her boyfriend, and asked her boyfriend’s sister to come and find me for a ride. This sister turned out to be Genevieve.”

Schneider – Always a fan of “Dangerous”!and his First transgender contestant to qualify For the elite “championship” – he took nearly $1.4 million home During his 40-game streak in January. She is second on the all-time winning streak list behind Ken Jennings on the hit game show.

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