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Daniel Barragan Coloma | Antauro Humala | Pedro Castillo Adds An Antaurist To His Cabinet And Appoints Him Minister Of Defense

Only one month online Antauro Humala President of Ancón II Prison peter fortress His prime minister, Anibal Torres, did not hesitate to carve out an area in the cupboard for one of all his current cadres.

Unexpectedly, around 7:17 pm, fortress sworn in as the new Minister of Conservation (fifth in his government) Daniel Balagan ColomaA 61-year-old FAP officer.

In 2021, Barragán is second vice-president in the quick list of the Union for Disappearing Peru (UPP), which is used as a political platform by Antauro Humala and is led by former congressman Jose Vega.

In addition, Heidi Andrade Rios, the spouse of the accused racist, was also listed as the first vice-chairman.

On social networks, there may still be reports of Barragan’s propaganda behind the face of Antauro Humala, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison in 2005 for the murder and kidnapping of police officers.

Before that, Barragan also tried to become a Lima provincial MP with the UPP in 2018, and in 2016 he tried to become a MP for the National Solidarity-UPP coalition. Of his three purposes, none of them are profitable.

And, like the good bishop of Antauro Humala, Barragán does not shy away from radical proposals, which is why one might fear being positioned in a delicate ministry. In a March 2021 interview, he supported the “confiscation” of LAN planes that have been on Peruvian soil within the framework of COVID-19, while selling “a penalty for corrupt presidents and high-ranking state officials for loss of life” and babies rapist.

Before stepping down from his new role as minister, Barragancoloma had served as parliamentary coordinator for the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism, which since last July has been led by Roberto Sánchez, who is also Peruvian The collective leader of the meeting.

For Barragan’s appointment, changes to the transport and communications (MTC) portfolio are on the horizon following a Sept. 15 review of Geiner Alvarado for a legal panel’s investigation.

Castillo yesterday dismissed Richard Tineo Quispe from the conservation group, where he had appointed him 30 days ago, and now takes him to the Department of Transportation to transfer with Alvarado.

With this shift, five more ministers have so far marched through the MTC, from places where work and personnel contracts have been negotiated, and are currently being investigated by the Ministry of Public Affairs.

“The first thing we’re going to do is have the OCI do the full technical analysis of the early steps to get an actual prognosis, and then we’ll make choices accordingly,” Tineo informed last night after his appointment. media. .

He also assures that he understands the industry, as he was Director of MTC Communications Insurance Policy and Regulation and also Director of the National Telecommunications Program (Pronatel) prior to his role as Protecting Portfolio. What he didn’t say was that this last mission lasted only two days.

  • “These changes present an orphan and growing political isolation of the presidential administration,” said APP MP Eduardo Salhuana.
  • “Nothing below the Department of Conservation will fall into the arms of a racist. A nerve and an insult that cannot be tolerated,” said lawmaker Alejandro Cabero.

Daniel Baragan Coloma | Antauro Humala | Pedro Castillo provides an antaurist for his cupboard and appoints him Minister of Conservation | Politics
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Daniel Baragan Coloma | Antauro Humala | Pedro Castillo provides an antaurist for his cupboard and appoints him Minister of Conservation | Politics
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Daniel Baragan Coloma | Antauro Humala | Pedro Castillo provides an antaurist for his cupboard and appoints him Minister of Conservation | Politics
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