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Debate over woman’s rant about crying babies on ‘expensive 10-hour flight’

A girl has sparked a web-based debate in a video on TikTok asking moms and dads to “please stop bringing crying babies on the plane.”

On August 8, Steph, who leveraged his deal with stephinto, shared the video on TikTok, which has garnered over 450,000 views and over 1,000 feedback.

The excitement of flying with children is nothing new, with more and more people requesting adult flights as children cry during the journey.

A survey of more than 3,000 holidaymakers found that 60% said they had been disturbed by toddlers on a plane, while 64% said they would like to see a child-free zone on a plane.

14% said they thought children should be denied business class, but more than half said they would like to electronically book flights without children, if at all.

There’s a crying toddler in the background and Stephen filming himself on the plane with a text overlay that reads: “For God’s sake please stop boarding a plane with a crying baby. It’s an expensive one. 10-hour flight and reiterate that I can’t have kids.”

She was also not alone in the decision not to have children. According to the Pew Analysis Center, a growing number of people say they may never have children for a variety of reasons, from economic insecurity to issues with changing local weather.

44% of non-parents aged 18 to 49 said it seemed unlikely or not at all that they would have children in the future. The vast majority of non-parents who say they don’t need children say it’s just because they don’t need them, but about 17% say it’s for monetary reasons and 9% say they won’t have children because of the state of the planet .

Baby crying and woman frustrated
A stock photo of a child crying on a plane (left) and a file photo of a woman covering her ears due to noise on a plane (right). A girl’s reaction to a crying child on a flight has sparked debate online.
Andrei Popov/PRImageFactory/Getty Photos

The TikToker, who has many followers on her account, shares where she travels solo around the world, captioning the video: “I hate when people tell me I should have kids, but that doesn’t stop me from traveling. This is what It’s the reason I don’t have kids – because I need to travel in peace, but I can’t because of someone else’s baby.”

However, the video sparked an online debate, with more than 7,900 feedback from people sharing their thoughts and feelings about the children on the flight.

“I actually think they’ll offer adults-only flights like a resort,” said one commenter who agreed with Stephen.

Another commenter mentioned: “I’m a mom and I totally agree! There’s nothing worse than having kids screaming throughout the flight.”

“This!” referred to another reply. “For those with toddlers, make sure they will handle the flight and not scream. If it may not, wait until it may be before the flight.”

However, others were quick to hit the traveler, showing her anger was unfair. One response is: “Imagine that mom and dad don’t need the baby to cry, they’re already confused and can do something as soon as possible to reassure the baby.”

Another commenter wrote: “Yeah because I just left my kids behind… put on headphones and that’s it…”

“I have several 10-hour flights from my country of residence and have two kids,” another replied. “So of course, I’ll take my kids on the plane and let them travel with me.”

Information week Please stephinto leave a comment. We were unable to confirm the details of the case.

Controversy over woman crying baby on ‘expensive 10-hour flight’

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