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Don’t Worry Darling Crew Respond To Wilde & Pugh Feud Reports

crew don’t be afraid dear Reply to comments on Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh’s behind-the-scenes feud. don’t be afraid dear is a psychological thriller directed by Wilde and starring Pugh and Harry Taiz.The film is Wilde’s second film after her critically acclaimed debut Smart booking Released in 2019, it premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 5, before it opened in theaters on September 23, and ended up receiving mixed reviews from critics.

Since the beginning don’t be afraid dearAn improvement, gossip swirled around the film’s supposedly troubled production, which began when Shia LaBeouf was allegedly fired from the film. Throughout filming, Wilde began developing a relationship with LaBeouf’s replacement Harry Types, which rumors suggested was to provide on-site pressure for the forgery and crew. It was recently reported that Pugh and Wilde were awarded “scream matchThroughout filming in January 2021, Pugh expressed her frustration with Wilde’s continued disappearance from the set. Toby Emmerich of the Warner Bros government at the time stepped in to help mediate the feud, which led to Pugh with little or no don’t be afraid dear. It all created a highly tense scene at the Venice Film Festival, with Pugh appearing on the crimson carpet beside her. don’t be afraid dear However, the actors chose to skip the press conference.

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Now, 40 members don’t be afraid dear The crew responded to reports of an argument between Wilde and Pugh, calling it “ridiculous gossip. ” Statement issued by the crew (via Package) said the reported on-set behavior “completely wrong,” said Wilde as he ran the set respectfully. The full transcript of the crew who signed the statement includes don’t be afraid dearmanufacturing assistants, department heads and producers. Learn about the crew’s claims below:

However don’t be afraid dear Critics didn’t take them too seriously, but many of them agreed that one of the main redeeming qualities of many films is the presence of Pugh — a sentiment echoed by Wilde in a recent interview. While Wilde didn’t confirm or deny the feud itself, she suggested Puig appeared in the film, saying it was “baffling“Most Watched Media Store”Unfounded rumors and gossip” Relative to her star’s expertise. Likewise, Pugh took to Instagram heartfelt thanks to Fake and crew don’t be afraid dear For all their heavy lifting, opted to focus on the film rather than the drama surrounding it.

Despite all the controversy of the film, don’t be afraid dear The first weekend was among the top live workplaces domestically, while earning more than $30 million internationally.Audiences flocked to see the film despite the less-than-stellar reviews from critics Don’t be afraid dear, Perhaps in part due to Wilde and Pugh’s alleged feud providing all the media for the film.While rumors continue to flow throughout the film, as far as the crew is concerned don’t be afraid dear Involved, Wilde and Pugh’s main onset spat never happened.

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