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Elizabeth Banks: Charlie’s Angels was marketed as a “feminist manifesto.”

Elizabeth Banks needs a double convention in the industry.

After writing, directing, producing and starring in the 2019 reboot of Charlie’s Angels, Banks reflected on the film’s box office failure in an interview with The New York Times.

“I’d love to do ‘Mission: Unachievable,’ but girls wouldn’t be directing ‘Mission: Unachievable,'” Banks said. “I used to be able to direct an action movie, frankly, because there were girls in it, and I’m a director, and that’s the limit of Hollywood right now.”

Banks claimed that {a} “big film producer” told her directly that she “couldn’t direct, male actors wouldn’t watch me”.

“he is to confuse I’m assuming the lady on the CGI display is mostly the concept of skirts? specified bank.

For Charlie’s Angels, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ira Balinska star in the film as the core trio, Banksy, Patrick Stewart and Noah Senty Neo also showed up.

“Let me say I’m happy with the film,” said the director of Pitch Excellence 2. “I love Kristen Stewart’s humor and light-heartedness. I love introducing Ella Balinska to the world. I love working with Patrick Stewart. It’s an incredible amount of expertise. It’s so demanding, in part It’s when girls do problems in Hollywood and it becomes that story. There’s a narrative about Charlie’s Angels and I create a feminist manifesto. I just do an action movie.”

Banks added: “I hope the film isn’t just for women, because I’m not just for women. There’s a hiatus for me when it comes to advertising.”

While Banks said it was a “long conversation that I didn’t know I needed to get into” because it “could get her into trouble,” Banks noted that being one of the many “few women” was hard. Hollywood’s managers” will become a “male-dominated world”

“That’s the problem I’m dealing with, but I can’t fix it, I don’t actually need to analyze it. I don’t care,” Banks said. “It actually allowed me to go to the studio during the New York Film Festival to learn it and be like, ‘Wow, that’s a lot to say about Liz Banks.’ I didn’t want that further pressure. I really of people feel it is harmful to talk about these things now.”

Banks said beforehand that when Charlie’s Angels doesn’t get cash, it “reinforces the Hollywood stereotype that men don’t see girls making movies,” outside of male-dominated IPs like Marvel and DC.

“I need to make sure this movie is nothing like that superhero with super powers, and I believe that the fingertip light is happening in the movie right now and is actually celebrating the mundane deeds of the ladies around me,” Banks told The Independent Wire . “I think it’s critical as a woman, as a filmmaker and as a feminist, to acknowledge that I stand on the shoulders of women who came here before me.”

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Elizabeth Banks: Charlie’s Angels is being promoted as a “feminist manifesto.”

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