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Elizabeth Banks Regrets The Sole Marketing Of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ To Girls

Elizabeth Banks has some regrets about the film’s commercials given the poor on-set work on the 2019 reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

“I hope the movie doesn’t prove to be a women-only movie because I’m not making it only for women,” Banks said. New York occasion. “For me, there was a breakthrough in advertising.”

“When girls do problems in Hollywood, it becomes the story,” Banks said. “There was a story about ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ and I used to be making a feminist manifesto. I used to simply make an action movie.”

The director of “Pitch Good 2” added that she “prefers to do ‘Mission: Unthinkable,’ but the girls don’t direct ‘Mission: Unthinkable.'” in Hollywood. “

Banks recalled a time when a “big film producer” suggested she couldn’t “keep working” because “male actors wouldn’t watch me.”

Charlie’s Angels reboot valued Sony Bank and its co-financiers at $48 million, but only raked in $8.6 million in its North American debut weekend for Live Workplace. Before its launch, Banks had advised Herald Solar Again in 2019: “If the movie doesn’t generate revenue, it reinforces the Hollywood stereotype that men don’t go to girls to make movies.”

Regardless of the commercial failure, Banks said she was “very happy with the film.”

“I love the humorous and lighthearted side of Kristen Stewart. I love introducing Ella Balinska to the world. I love working with Patrick Stewart. It’s an incredible amount of expertise,” she said.

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