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European carriers call on big tech to fund network builds • The Register

The European Telecommunications Community Operators Association (ETNO) has renewed its call for big tech companies – especially video streaming companies – to pay for their share of network infrastructure.

A statement on Monday, signed by 16 telecommunications chiefs from across the continent, called on the European Commission to adopt an insurance policy that prioritizes the sustainability of the planet and telecommunications trade.

The document argues that the two SDGs are intertwined, as higher digital infrastructure will ease pressure on physical assets.

However, the CEOs argue that they are being asked to do all the heavy lifting to fund and build that infrastructure, and as 5G builds and the Metaverse emerges, they don’t think it’s fair to just take a commission.

“We believe that the largest site visitor turbines should contribute well to the numerous prices they currently impose on European networks,” the document reads.

“Further, good contributions will send a transparent currency token to streamers for informational progress related to their use of scarce community assets,” the document reads. The CEOs also suggested that as we move into an open and connected Metaverse, paid streaming “may benefit the professional companies that rely most on massive community upgrades.”

ETNO revealed a very similar letter in November 2021, when it made “big tech platforms” villains.

In the months since, GSM affiliates have weighed similar opinions and information, showing Alphabet, Meta, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are in the “network value chain.”

GSM Affiliation pointed out that the big tech companies also have very high revenue margins, while operators are saddled with disproportionate capital expenditures and have much lower margins.

Huge Tech does put money into the network, but focuses on the infrastructure that ensures the efficiency of its individual companies. Like carriers, build networks that direct website visitors to large-scale technologies—even if it hurts their money.

This assertion should be well aligned with the European Commission, which has backed an inexperienced digital coalition that sells the environmental sustainability benefits that digital expertise can bring. Also, Fee isn’t too often shy about kicking Huge Tech out of a competitor’s score, and would appreciate the opportunity to tackle infrastructure pricing again.

The letter was written by Swisscom, Telekom Austria Group, United Group, Bouygues Telecom, Proximus Group, Telenor Group, Fastweb, Altice Portugal, Orange Group, Deutsche Telekom, BT Group, Telia, TIM Group, Telefónica, Vodafone Group and Dutch airline KPN President. ®

European operators fund community building with large-scale technology The Register

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