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Explore Complete Information On Woodchucking Fraud

Read full details not available anywhere else to learn groundhog scam. Plus, learn how scammers prey on older adults without using technology.

do you know montgomery U.S., authorities issued an alert about fraudulent loggers? How could a lumberjack lie? How much money can such loggers plunder from innocent people? What events alerted the authorities?

Did you know that an awareness meeting is scheduled to prevent this in the function?Let’s check more about groundhog scam.

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About logging scams:

In November 2019, a man approached a couple who lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. The couple are both in their 80s. The couple’s identities and residences were scrutinized at the request of the media. The man gave the impression of being highly skilled and engaged in carpentry and repair work, including carpentry painting. The man introduced himself as Joseph Swanson and was behaving aggressively.

The couple needed to do some woodwork in their house. The man surveyed their home and made a list of what needed to be repaired.Joseph created a sense of urgency to fix things and planned groundhog scam. He also listed the branches to be felled. However, the couple has a soft spot for the tree where the child owns the treehouse, and they made several marks on the tree while playing as children.

At the time, the couple didn’t know they were being scammed. So trust Joseph’s list of things that need repair. Joseph intends to increase the bill. So Joseph cleverly included several items that didn’t require any repairs.

How are scammers taking advantage?

The couple had a checking account from which they used to write checks.under groundhog scam, Joseph paid in advance to buy what was needed for the repairs. Joseph brought in Travis Jenkins and Nicholas Shonabin to work with him. Travis and Nicholas also prepaid for items needed for repairs.

The work progressed slowly and was ultimately not completed. Joseph made several excuses to the couple, saying their work partner was hospitalized. The couple are well known in their community as donors. Taking advantage of their innocence, the loggers received several payments for paying hospital bills.

Joseph also took his wife and children to the couple’s home several times to do small jobs, including painting interior tables.

Discover groundhog scam:

During the 2020 covid pandemic, Montgomery County Police received an anonymous call about suspicious activity at the couple’s home. Detective Cindy Miranda was appointed to investigate the case. She approached the couple’s house and investigated.

The audit involved how much money was released to the loggers from the couple’s checking account. Shockingly, the total was over $200,000! That’s a huge amount for unprofessional home decor. As a result, the Montgomery County Police took action and filed charges against Joseph.

Joseph was sentenced to six and a half years in prison groundhog scam, Police are still looking for Travis Jenkins and Nicholas Shonabin.

in conclusion:

Unbeknownst to the couple, Joseph was defrauding them, and the logger had withdrawn more than $200,000 from their account. This incident shows how elderly couples can be scammed. Hence the warning from the authorities as scammers may opt out of various ways of robbing people. The Montgomery County Aging and Vulnerable Adult Task Force has scheduled a safety forum on June 15, 2023 at 10:00 am to raise awareness.

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groundhog scam – FAQ

Q1. Is registration required to attend a safety meeting organized by the Montgomery County Aging and Vulnerable Adults Working Group?

Yes, people can register for the meeting by phone at (240) 777-4999 during business hours.

Q2. Why are authorities issuing alerts at this time of year?

Authorities believe this time of year is the peak time for firewood-cutting scams, involving the elderly.

Q3. Has the repair work listed by Joseph been completed?

No. The repairs that Joseph identified, listed and notified the couple were never completed.

Q4. What was the couple’s reaction?

The old couple did not want to disclose their identities and did not respond groundhog scam in public.

Q5. Where are the safety meetings organized by the Montgomery County Aging and Vulnerable Adults Working Group held?

Holiday Park Senior Center in Silver Spring.

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